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  • Typhoon Haiyan: One of the strongest storms on record

    Typhoon Haiyan slammed into the central Philippines on Friday, killing at least four people, forcing hundreds of thousands from their homes and knocking out power and communications in several provinces.

  • Cyclone Phailin, a monster storm, hammers India

    Cyclone Phailin, a category 5 storm with winds up to 184 miles per hour, hit India's east coast Saturday. More than 500,000 people had evacuated their homes, seeking shelter from cyclone Phailin.

  • Tornado season off to a late but deadly start

    Tornado season usually starts in mid-April, but this year's first big tornado will go down in the record books not only for its tardiness but for its deadly scale: It reached half a mile wide and killed at least 51, including 20 children.

  • Suspect arrested in ricin-laced letters case

    According to the FBI, a Mississippi man was arrested for sending possibly poisonous letters to President Barack Obama and Senator Roger Wicker. There were other reports of mysterious packages in Senate office buildings and in senators' offices in their home states. Authorities are continuing to investigate the suspicious materials. 

  • New England blizzard: One for the record books?

    New England blizzard: Forecasters are predicting more than 2 feet of snow in New England, and blizzard conditions, including high winds, blowing snow, and coastal flooding.

  • Polar ice melt accelerates (+video)

    The Earth's ice sheets are melting three times faster than they were two decades ago, 47 researchers say in a recently published study. The scientists fault human-created global warming for the dramatic increase in melting.

  • Did global warming cause superstorm Sandy? (+video)

    Climate scientists warn that global warming is likely to increase the incidence of serious events like Hurricane Sandy. Warming water and rising sea levels may be contributing to what New York politicians are calling their 'new reality.' 

  • Superstorm Sandy: Where is it heading now? (+video)

    Sandy is moving slower now, but the storm is still packing high winds, rain, and snow on Tuesday, extending from New York City to Lake Michigan.

  • 'Superstorm' Sandy: Assessing the damage the morning after (+video)

    Sandy, no longer a hurricane, but still huge, killed at least 16 people in seven states, cut power to more than 7.4 million homes and businesses from the Carolinas to Ohio, caused scares at two nuclear power plants, and stopped the presidential campaign cold.

  • Hurricane Sandy: Storm surge floods NYC tunnels, cuts power to city (+video)

    Nearly a million New Yorkers were without power as hurricane Sandy made landfall Monday night. Subway tunnels, the waterfront, and the financial district flooded.