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  • Rossellini's 'Mammas' shows maternal instinct in animals not all kind

    Isabella Rossellini is convinced that, in the maternal animal world, anything goes. 'Mammas,' a series of short videos, has Rossellini playing the role of nine different animals to show the viewer that some mothers lie, are polygamous, and walk out on their animal children all the time. 

  • The Painted Girls

    Cathy Marie Buchanan spins a clear-eyed and heartfelt account of the seamy side of La Belle Époque in Europe.

  • White Truffles in Winter

    White Truffles in Winter

    An opulent novel based on the life of Auguste Escoffier, the 'king of chefs and chef of kings.'

  • Lives and Letters

    Lives and Letters

    This essay collection by former New Yorker editor Robert Gottlieb pairs insights on art with a taste for scandal.

  • Animals Make Us Human

    Temple Grandin explains what animals feel and why it matters