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  • Harbaugh family on Super Bowl rivalry: "Can it end in a tie?"

    John Harbaugh pranks his parents during their interview with the Super Bowl press. He asked if they liked his brother, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh, better. The Harbaugh parents have been insisting that they have no special allegiance to either son in the upcoming Super Bowl.

  • The Harbaugh way: 4 parenting tips for sibling rivalry

    What better way to get the growing family started on a right direction than taking some lessons from HarBowl 2013? In case you feel the same, I thought I’d share our Top Four Ways to Tackle Sibling Rivalry, courtesy of the Harbaughs.

  • NFL playoff thrill-a-thon: Flacco’s fling, Kaepernick’s runs; Falcons' escape. A Week 19 quiz

    A wild weekend of NFL playoff action results in a pair of brothers coaching for conference championships. To test your knowledge of NFL playoff developments, take this 12-question quiz.

  • Seahawks nothing short of sensational. A Week 16 NFL quiz

    The Seattle Seahawks continue to soar in the NFC West. To test your knowledge of Week 16 NFL developments, take this 18-question quiz.

  • Robert Griffin III plays like Tim Tebow, only better

    Robert Griffin III, aka RG3, gives NFL fans something different by running the triple option offense. But RG3 must continue to evolve his QB skills to survive in the NFL.

  • Need help with money? Play a game.

    New online games help players with money by making personal finance fun. 'Financial Football' teaches basic money concepts. 'SaveUp' helps members with money by rewarding them for saving.

  • Colin Kaepernick: More than a 49ers backup QB?

    49ers QB Colin Kaepernick and linebacker Aldon Smith teamed up to vanquish the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football. Colin Kaepernick, in his first NFL start,  passed for 243 yards and two touchdowns.

  • 49ers' Kaepernick surpasses Montana, Young. A Week 11 NFL quiz

    The revered legacies of San Francisco quarterbacking greats Joe Montana and Steve Young had to stand down Monday night, as benchwarmer Colin Kaepernick turned in a better first game as a starter than either of the Hall of Famers. Forced into service by an injury to starter Alex Smith, Kaepernick helped bury the Bears, who were without injured QB Jay Cutler, by completing more passes (16 of 23) and throwing for more yards (243) and  more touchdowns (2) than either Montana or Young did in their debuts as San Francisco starters. The result: a 32-7 win. To test your knowledge of Week 11 NFL developments, take this 12-question quiz.

  • First NFL tie since 2008, between Rams and 49ers: What is this, soccer?

    First NFL tie since 2008 happened because of overtime rules that don’t often come into play. But Sunday’s game between the St. Louis Rams and San Francisco 49ers wasn’t without drama.

  • Could the 49ers pick up where San Francisco’s Giants left off? A Week 8 NFL quiz

    San Francisco quarterback Alex Smith was on fire in Monday night’s 24-3 romp over the faltering Arizona Cardinals. He completed 18 of 19 passes, leading some to wonder if the 49ers might just be ready to follow the Giants’ World Series win with a Super Bowl championship. To review your knowledge of Week 8 NFL developments, take this 14-question quiz.