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  • US stock market climbs as world banks slash interest rates

    U.S stock market futures opened higher Thursday on actions taken by central banks in Europe and China to cut key interest rates and pump stimulus money . The Dow rose 26 points to 12893 as the US stock market awaits today's reports on unemployment claims and retail sales.

  • Stocks rise as oil prices, factory orders also climb

    In an abbreviated holiday trading session energy stocks rose due to increased tension over Iran. The major stock indexes moved higher after the government reported that factory orders rose in May. The Dow Jones rose 72 points to close at 12,943.

  • Slowing manufacturing numbers lead to mixed day on The Street

    Stocks struggled during a quiet start to holiday-week trading following news that American manufacturing numbers seem to have slowed in June. The Dow average fell after the manufacturing report, finishing down 8 points at 12,871.

  • Stock market rises in early trading as US awaits jobs report

    The stock market is rising in early trading Monday on hopes for new measures to deal with the eurozone debt crisis. But investors on the stock market are awaiting a critical US jobs report, to be released Friday.

  • World markets surge after Europe finds rescue plan

    Financial markets around the world jumped higher Friday with the Dow Jones industrial average climbing 277 points, closing at 12,880, and the Standard & Poor's had its best day of the year. Stocks advanced even further in Europe.

  • Stocks rise on stronger US housing, factory data

    A rare double dose of good news about the US economy sent stocks surging up Wednesday. The Dow Jones industrial average rose 92 points, contributing to a closing bell tally of 12,627, despite continued fears about the eurozone crisis.

  • Weary investors sell stocks as Spain seeks help

    Spain formally asked for help to rescue its ailing banks, but its request left many questions unanswered, including just how big a bailout it needs. Unsettled markets contributed to the Dow dropping 138 points to close at 12,502.

  • Bad reports give Dow its second-worst day of year

    The Dow started sinking after the Fed's Philadelphia branch reported a manufacturing slowdown resulting from a steep drop in companies' orders. It only got worse, as the index ultimately lost 250 points to close at 12,573, a 2 percent drop.

  • Investors lukewarm on latest Fed move

    Stocks saw no pickup from Bernanke's announcements today.

  • Fed's latest action doesn't impress investors

    The Federal Reserve's latest plan to help the economy failed to impress Wall Street on Wednesday, as stocks finished slightly lower for the day, and not much better than they were before the Fed announcement. The Dow closed down 12 points to end at 12,824.