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  • Opinion America's debt is creating a security threat to Europe

    The US and the West need vigorous economic growth. In order to to that, the US must first reduce the tax and debt burdens of unsustainable entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare.

  • Pope begs forgiveness, promises action on abuse

    Pope Benedict XVI begged forgiveness Friday from victims and promised to "do everything possible" to protect children.

  • In Pictures Bubbles

    A bubble floats as people blow bubbles during a flash mob at Piazza del Popolo in central Rome on March 21 to welcome spring.

  • In Pictures Trash hotel

    Supermodel Helena Christensen was the first guest in a temporary hotel in Rome built largely from trash, built to raise awareness of European beach pollution.

  • Doesn't Harry Potter really belong in London?

    Chapter & Verse Doesn't Harry Potter really belong in London?

    With the "Harry Potter" theme park set to open in Orlando, Fla., London Mayor Boris Johnson is urging the boy wizard to come home.

  • In Pictures Apple's iCandy

    iPad: Apple sold 2 million iPads in the two months since it released the tablet computers. That equals one iPad purchase every 3 seconds, twice as fast as the iPhone sold when it was came out.

  • Gallery World's top 10 military spenders

    ITALY - $35.8 billion: No. 10 but spending less. Over the past decade, Rome decreased state military spending by 13.3 percent – more than any other country in the top 10. According to Stockholm-based SIPRI's annual report, of the 19 states in the G20, only Argentina, Indonesia, and Italy did not increase their military spending in 2009. A comrade holds a photo of Italian Army Sgt. Maj. Roberto Valente in Naples, Italy, on Sept. 17 after Valente was killed in action in Afghanistan.

  • Gallery Famous US monuments and memorials

    African-American Civil War Memorial: Located in Northwest Washington, D.C., this memorial is dedicated to the 209,145 African-American soldiers and sailors who fought for the Union in the Civil War. It features “The Spirit of Freedom,” a bronze circular sculpture, and a plaque carved with the names of those who served in the war.

  • The Monitor's View Why the Gulf oil spill demands more than new regulations

    Just trying to prevent similar human-caused natural disasters with more government rules doesn't get to the deeper need for humans to act even more morally in a complex, high-tech world.

  • Vienna ranked best city in world; Baghdad worst

    Global News Blog Vienna ranked best city in world; Baghdad worst

    Mercer's 2010 Quality of Living Survey ranks 221 cities, with Vienna at the top, Baghdad at the bottom, and Honolulu as the best in America. But the list of best places to live arguably values comfort over dynamism.