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  • "Girl Talk" provokes copyright owners with free download of new album, 'All Day'

    Musical artist and mashup DJ "Girl Talk" has posted his entire 'All Day' album online as a free download - provoking copyright owners for the fifth time.
    11/16/2010 01:14 am

  • Uganda homophobia: Uganda paper publishes photos of gays with headline reading 'Hang them'

    Uganda homophobia has been stoked by the small Ugandan newspaper Rolling Stone. In the days since it was published, at least four gay Ugandans on the list have been attacked and many others are in hiding, according to rights activist Julian Onziema.
    10/22/2010 01:11 pm

  • The Vote GOP buying Election 2010 with foreign cash? What Obama's talking about.

    President Obama is suggesting that some GOP donors in Election 2010 are using money collected abroad – which would be illegal. But there's no hard evidence yet.
    10/11/2010 01:21 pm

  • The Vote Michelle Obama: why she's rated the world's most powerful woman

    Forbes magazine ranked Michelle Obama ahead of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and GOP figure Sarah Palin.
    10/07/2010 01:33 pm

  • Bob Dylan in America

    Bob Dylan was not so much a sponge as an alchemist, taking common materials and creating new art.
    10/04/2010 08:05 am

  • The Vote Polls tighten as elections approach. Good news for Democrats? Maybe.

    There's some good news for Democrats in polls asking which party should control Congress. But certain portions of the electorate – and of the party's base – are big unknowns for Democrats.
    10/03/2010 05:59 pm

  • Top 10 Ways Obama Can Boost His Popularity with Younger Voters

    On Wednesday night, David Letterman gave viewers the "Top 10 Ways Obama Can Boost His Popularity with Younger Voters," on "The Late Show." President Barack Obama's been courting youth all week. He's visited the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisc., shared his iPod playlist with "Rolling Stone," and called for education reforms such as a longer school year. Really? Shortening the Summer vacation is going to win over the youth vote? Obama apparently not only needs to energize the Democratic party as a whole, he's got to reconnect and ignite the young Democrats that helped get him elected in 2008. A recent ABC/Washington Post Poll found that only 55 percent of 18- to 29-year-olds say they are “absolutely certain” to go to the polls this year, as opposed to 78 percent of 50- to 64-year-olds and 77 percent of those over age 65. Enter Letterman. His satirical adjustments, include changing Obama's name to Bajustin Obieber, might be more of a crowd pleaser than a "Yes we can" chant. We think the Justin Bieber crowd may be a bit too young to vote. But you decide. Check out our photo illustrations of Letterman's recommendations for connecting with young voters.
    10/01/2010 03:38 pm

  • Africa Monitor Kenyan whistleblower commemorated in a book

    A Kenyan whistleblower who exposed the largest financial scandal in Kenya is the subject of the book, 'The True Story of David Munyakei,' which will be showcased next week in the US.
    09/30/2010 04:04 pm

  • Obama's iPod: A bit more hip, thanks to Sasha and Malia

    Obama's iPod was a topic in a new Rolling Stone interview with the president. The new article said Obama's iPod playlists range from Bob Dylan to Lil Wayne.
    09/28/2010 08:23 pm

  • Vox News Obama Rolling Stone interview: three awesome bits

    Yes, yes, President Obama talks about plans for energy policy and so forth in his interview with Rolling Stone magazine. But the intriguing bits include attitudes about ... his socks?
    09/28/2010 05:34 pm

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