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  • Men's Wearhouse fires founder: Is Zimmer's career over?

    George Zimmer founded the men's clothier and led it to significant growth over four decades: from one store in Texas to 1,143 locations. Even so, the company's board has abruptly fired him. According to his contract, he will continue to be compensated for appearing in the company's ads and marketing.

  • Men's Wearhouse ousts founder, ad star George Zimmer

    Men's Wearhouse has ousted its founder and executive chairman George Zimmer, who also starred in the company's television commercials with the famous tagline, 'You're going to like the way you look. I guarantee it.' Men's Wearhouse stock plunged on the news of Zimmer's exit. 

  • Snow storm: East Coast races to save Christmas (shopping)

    Snow storm: East Coast races to save Christmas (shopping)

    Buried by a major snow storm, East Coast cities are mobilizing all their resources to clear streets for Christmas shopping.