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  • The 25 best movie musicals of all time

    The American Film Institute picks the best song-and-dance stories ever put on film.

  • Leap Year: this day in the history of Feb. 29

    We don’t mean to state the obvious, but Feb. 29 happens once every four years (usually) – and leap year is here again. That means a whole day's worth of news will tomorrow be added to this date's comparatively small archive. 

  • 10 best novels about the US Civil War

    10 best novels about the US Civil War

    It was 150 years ago this week that Confederate troops fired on a federal fort in Charleston harbor and began the violent four-year struggle in which Americans raised arms against Americans. The history books can tell us much about the trauma of war, but for those who prefer the emotional truths that can be conveyed by a good novel, here are 10 classic stories of the US Civil War.

  • Review: 'New in Town'

    Review: 'New in Town'

    In this predictable comedy, Renée Zellweger plays a transplanted city exec who succumbs to the romantic overtures of a small-town labor organizer.

  • Review: 'Appaloosa'

    Review: 'Appaloosa'

    Old-style western plays on the camaraderie and courage of frontier life.

  • Football turns screwball in 'Leatherheads'

    Football turns screwball in 'Leatherheads'

    George Clooney's period-set sports film aims to capture the romantic zing of Howard Hawks's farces.

  • Tubegazing: Tracy Ullman's 'State of the Union'

    The comedienne's Showtime series creates skits you won't see on 'Saturday Night Live.'