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  • Hurricane Sandy: Economy should bounce back analysts say

    Though hurricane Sandy will impact dozens of industries and cause billions in damages, experts say the economy should recover quickly with reconstruction after the storm.

  • Hurricane Sandy will keep markets closed Tuesday

    The last time the New York Stock Exchange was closed for weather was in 1985 because of Hurricane Gloria. It will be the first time since 1888 that the stock exchange closes for two consecutive days because of weather.

  • Stock futures fall; Sandy shuts down US markets (+video)

    Stock futures were down Monday as Hurricane Sandy shut down the major US financial markets, the first unplanned shutdown since September 2001. Stock futures on the Dow slid 99 points in premarket trading, and several companies postponed earnings reports due to Hurricane Sandy. 

  • Stocks higher after retail sales improve

    A strong gain in retail spending sent stocks upward Monday. A positive earnings report from Citigroup was responsible for a broad rise in bank stocks.

  • Opinion Supreme Court case tests US leadership in human rights

    Today the Supreme Court will assess whether US courts can hear lawsuits that pertain to events outside the country. If the justices eventually decide 'no,' an important avenue for redress will be closed to foreign victims of human-rights abuses – and America’s beacon will shine less brightly.

  • NYC breastfeeding: a new-old plan to wean the world off formula

    Remember the Nestlé formula boycott? The long-term global effort to encourage breastfeeding as a healthier choice for newborns than formula – once focused on developing nations – is now a trend among US hospitals. But a new program to decrease the use of formula in hospitals, backed by NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, is being criticized as meddling in the decisions of mothers.

  • Weary investors sell stocks as Spain seeks help

    Spain formally asked for help to rescue its ailing banks, but its request left many questions unanswered, including just how big a bailout it needs. Unsettled markets contributed to the Dow dropping 138 points to close at 12,502.

  • What recovery? Top 10 cities losing jobs

    For some regions of the US, talk of an economic recovery is more wishful thinking than reality. Here are the top 10 metropolitan areas that continue to struggle with unemployment, from the Carpet Capital of the World to the home of an Ivy League university.

  • Apple earnings will report this evening; stocks rise

    Apple earnings for the first quarter will be reported after the close of the stock market Tuesday. In anticipation of he Apple earnings report, Apple stock has fallen sharply.

  • BP faces billions in fines as spill trial nears

    The huge legal bill for the catastrophic 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is coming due for BP as a federal trial opens Monday to determine the company’s liability for the blowout of its Macondo well.