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  • Going up?

    At a rock-climbing wall, a mother understands: Sometimes a little slack is all that a child needs.

  • Words that retain a certain roguish appeal

    The Monitor's language columnist considers the swashbuckling vocabulary of piracy.

  • DVDs and CDs for the elementary crowd

    DVDs and CDs for the elementary crowd

    From fairies to pandas and penguins, with a little Beethoven thrown in, these movies and music will keep children watching again and again ... and again.

  • Reviews of "Science Fair" and "The Maze of Bones"

    Science and history are made fun in these lively tales.

  • New in theaters

    'The Orphanage,' a Spanish horror film, delivers more goose bumps than anything Hollywood has served up in years. And "The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep," follows the adventures of Crusoe, a gigantic, cuddly creature.