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  • Backchannels Netanyahu gives Obama the Book of Esther. Biblical parable for nuclear Iran?

    Esther tells of a Persian plot against the Jews that was thwarted through cunning and the intercession of a gentile king. Purim, the holiday that celebrates the story, starts tonight.

  • How Iran could beat up on America's superior military

    America's defense budget is roughly 90 times bigger than Iran's. But Iran has a well-honed strategy of asymmetric warfare.

  • Terrorism & Security In first month after US exit, Iraq's sectarian clashes have killed 170

    A series of bombings hit Baghdad today, killing 14. The violence in Iraq has claimed 170 lives already this year. 

  • Regime change: How fear of Iran nukes, and campaign politics, revived the call

    A tough-talking debate over pursuing regime change is all the rage again, this time focused on Iran. But proponents say they prefer economic sanctions to military force as the main lever. 

  • British embassy attack exposes tensions outside – and inside – Iran

    British embassy attack exposes tensions outside – and inside – Iran

    Some Iranian conservatives praised yesterday's attack on the British embassy, while others condemned it as endangering national security as tensions rise with the West.

  • Good Reads: Why British diplomats consider Tehran a 'hardship post'

    Global News Blog Good Reads: Why British diplomats consider Tehran a 'hardship post'

    Yesterday's rampage by Iranian 'students' are just the latest example of how Iranian domestic anger gets focused on diplomats.

  • Looking back: The Monitor's coverage of 9/11

    Looking back: The Monitor's coverage of 9/11

    Ten years ago, The Monitor had recently moved into a renovated newsroom on the second floor of the venerable Christian Science Publishing Society in Boston. It featured new, modular desks, carpeting instead of linoleum, and many large TV monitors hung from the ceiling. They were tuned to various network and cable channels, but with the sound turned off, normally. So the first indication of a crisis on 9/11 was a chilling silent image of smoke billowing from the North Tower of the World Trade Center, an image that spread from screen to screen across the newsroom. When the second plane hit, 17 minutes after the first, it was clear that the United States was under attack. We had four hours till deadline that day. Four hours in which to try to make sense of what had just happened. Reporters, editors, photographers, editorial writers, columnists, feature writers, even editors and writers of the religious article that appears in the Monitor daily, sprang into action. It was the beginning of days, weeks, and months of reporting and analysis of that incident and its aftermath that would follow. The list below represents some of the most significant reporting and writing we did that day and on subsequent days. The 9/11 stories and images are The Monitor's first draft of the history of that moment. Like most first drafts, some could do with some revising now. But give credit to the swiftness with which they had to be written -- especially those produced that first day and week -- and the decades (if not centuries) of accumulated wisdom, knowledge, and expertise they represent on the part of a staff that worked around the clock to bring them to you.

  • In Pictures America's United Nations of Cable TV

    America's immigrants stay connected to their home countries via satellite television. Afghan immigrants Fatima Majeed (c.) and Naseer Ahmadi (foreground) watch an average of eight hours of Afghan shows on cable TV a day in their suburban three bedroom apartment in Fremont, Calif. Their son Mostafa (background) says he has little interest in his parents’ shows.

  • Judgment Day? Five failed end-of-the-world predictions

    Judgment Day? Five failed end-of-the-world predictions

    Judgment Day is coming this Saturday, May 21, beginning at 6 p.m., according to Harold Camping, the president of the Christian broadcaster Family Radio. Could he be wrong? He wouldn't be the first. Here are five failed Judgment Day predictions.

  • Photos of the Day Photos of the Day 03/21

    An Afghan boy swings on the occasion of Nawroz, the New Year ceremony, held at the Sakhi shrine in Kabul, Afghanistan. In a speech marking the Afghan new year, Vice President Abdul Karim Khalili called on militants to lay down their weapons because the nation would never return to the days of hard-line Taliban rule.