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  • The Vote Rick Santorum tells Jay Leno why Romney endorsement was 'buried' (+video)

    Rick Santorum told 'Tonight Show' host Jay Leno, 'This was a letter to my supporters – who were for me.' Not Mitt Romney. The socially liberal Leno also pressed Mr. Santorum on cultural issues.

  • What Rick Santorum's lukewarm endorsement of Mitt Romney means (+video)

    Nearly a month after exiting the presidential race, Rick Santorum endorsed Mitt Romney in the 13th paragraph of an e-mail sent to supporters late Monday. That's not exactly a show of enthusiasm for the Republican standard-bearer.

  • Battle for women's votes: 6 flash points

    The uproar over the Obama campaign’s 'Life of Julia' Web infographic – which made #Julia big on Twitter – highlights just how fiercely both parties are fighting for the women’s vote. The economy is by far the most important issue in November for both sexes. But there are other areas with special significance to women. Here are the main flash points.

  • Supreme Court popularity hits new low. Will Obama attack?

    Only 52 percent of the American public views the Supreme Court favorably. If the high court rules against Obama on health care or immigration he may be tempted to attack. But that would be risky.

  • US Senate race in Virginia shaping up as national battleground

    In Virginia's US Senate race, Democrat Tim Kaine isn't Barack Obama, and Republican George Allen isn't Mitt Romney or the House GOP leadership. But you wouldn't know it from the special-interest ads pouring into this key battleground state.

  • Student loan bill? Not so fast.

    Student loan bill, which would keep graduates' interest rate costs from doubling, gets caught up in election free-for-all. House passes student loan bill, despite Obama veto threat.

  • GOP-led House votes to keep rate low on student loans, as Obama balks

    The White House says Obama will veto the House bill on student loans. It prefers a Senate measure that also helps debt-crushed students, but that covers the cost by closing a tax loophole benefiting the wealthy. 

  • Social Security fund: Cash gone in 2033

    Social Security fund will run out three years earlier than earlier projections due to boomer retirements, weak economy. If Social Security fund runs out, retirees will get 75 percent of promised benefits.

  • Mitt Romney's five biggest liabilities as GOP nominee

    Typically, an election with an incumbent president on the ballot is a referendum on him. But President Obama is trying to turn the tables. So what exactly does Mitt Romney bring to the table, in both positive and negative ways? Here are the liabilities:

  • Mitt Romney's five biggest assets as GOP nominee

    Typically, an election with an incumbent president on the ballot is a referendum on him. But President Obama is trying to turn the election into a choice, saying in effect that America's problems will get much worse under the other guy. So what does Mitt Romney bring to the table? Here are five assets.