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  • Tax VOX How the 'fiscal cliff' deal affects the alternative minimum tax

    The newly enacted American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 will permanently protect millions of taxpayers from having to pay the alternative minimum tax without Congress having to approve a temporary patch every year or so, Williams writes.

  • Inauguration 2013: How Obama is different from four years ago (+video)

    Inauguration 2013 is different from the 2009 version in many ways – not least the president himself. He's learned some tough political lessons, but he still seems to have ambitious plans.

  • Four job trends for 2013

    With unemployment still high, many Americans are looking to find a job, change careers, or update their skills. Here are four trends for 2013 that can help you make smart career moves.

  • Senate freshmen: What the 14 new members bring to Capitol Hill

    A freshman Senate class was sworn in Jan. 3, bringing diverse skills and experience – not to mention agendas – to the legislative body. Whether the 14 newest senators help break partisan gridlock, or refuse to work across the aisle, will be the test for the 113th Congress.Twelve were elected on Nov. 6, including three Republicans, eight Democrats, and an independent. In addition, a Republican and a Democrat were appointed to vacant seats after the election. Here is a look at the 14 and what they bring to the Senate:

  • The Monitor's View Taking choice out of personal health

    As more governments move to restrict personal choices as a way to cut costs, especially in health care, they can easily impinge on both liberty and alternative ideas about health.

  • Robert Reich After the fiscal cliff comes the debt ceiling

    The battle over the fiscal cliff was only a prelude to the coming battle over raising the debt ceiling – Reich writes – a battle that will likely continue through early March, when the Treasury runs out of tricks to avoid a default on the nation’s debt.

  • GOP governors waver on Obamacare

    Republican governors like Rick Scott in Florida, and Chris Christie in New Jersey, are struggling on how to handle President Barack Obama's remake of the health insurance market. While some have said they won't set up state-run exchanges, others say they're open to having a 'conversation.'

  • GOP 'fiscal cliff' endgame: Let big government sting the middle class?

    For some tea party Republicans, part of the political calculation ahead of the 2014 elections is whether going off the fiscal cliff would spell political disaster or instead be seen as a return to principled governance.

  • Fiscal cliff? Here are ways to cushion your fall.

    Higher taxes and federal spending cuts would begin to hit all Americans Jan. 1. Here are ways to cope with the 'fiscal cliff.'

  • Readers Respond Readers Write: Should Obamacare honor the rights of individuals or institutions?

    Letters to the Editor for the weekly print issue of December 24, 2012: Government shouldn't privilege the teachings of one religion over another on any part of health-care access. And equating women's access to health care with an impingement on religious liberty is a distraction.