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  • Seven rules for tech investing

    The overall stock market may have recovered from the Great Recession, but the tech sector has never fully recovered from the dot-com bust in the early 2000s. Here are seven rules for investing in high-tech companies while avoiding wild speculation:

  • In Gear Tesla Motors joins the NASDAQ-100

    Tesla will be included in the NASDAQ-100 next week, becoming the only automaker listed in the index. It means Tesla is being recognized by the financial world as a legitimate force rather than a potentially unstable newcomer. 

  • Stocks regain ground after biggest drop of the year

    Stocks finished the week with an advance Friday after a two-day plunge, suggesting that perhaps Wall Street will be successfully weaned from the Federal Reserve's easy money after all. That money has helped push stocks upward over the past four years.

  • 'Warren is in the house.' Billionaire Warren Buffett joins Twitter.

    Warren Buffett has joined Twitter, becoming the second-richest member of the social network in the process. What can we expect from Warren Buffett's tweets? 

  • Stocks fall on weak jobs report

    Stocks closed lower on Wall Street Friday after the US economy showed a sharp slowdown in hiring in March. The March jobs report was far worse than economists had forecast and the news sent stocks lower.

  • Stock market dives after Dow hits 14,000

    Stocks fell the most this year Monday, the first trading day after the Dow broke 14,000. Boeing was the only rising stock among the 30 in the Dow.

  • The Reformed Broker Debunking the Warren Buffett debunkers

    Warren Buffett's head-and-shoulders above all other investors stature has only been cemented during this last five years, Brown writes.

  • Disable Java? Here's how, after US agency warns of software 'vulnerability.'

    To prevent cyber crime, the Department of Homeland Security advises Americans to temporarily disable Java 7 software, commonly used in Web-browser programs. 

  • Chinese businessman pleads guilty to $100 million in software piracy

    Chinese businessman Xiang Li pleads guilty to stealing $100 million in software from Microsoft, Oracle, Siemens, and others, marking the first time a software pirate was successfully lured to US soil and arrested.

  • Top 10 richest Americans

    The 100 richest people in the world gained $241 billion in net worth last year, according to Bloomberg's Billionaires Index. Americans dominated the list, occupying five of the top 10 spots. This countdown of the top 10 wealthiest Americans features a casino mogul, software tycoons, and a lot of Wal-Mart money.