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  • Energy Voices $500 a barrel? How high could oil prices rise?

    Current energy trends could threaten the Western way of life by 2040 when oil prices could reach as high as $500 a barrel, according to a recent report from the United Kingdom's Ministry of Defence. The continued rise of China and South Asian economies will increase the cost and reduce the availability of energy supplies.

  • Energy Voices When oil forecasts get it wrong

    Oil forecasts fail so often that it's puzzling that the media, governments, corporations, and the public put so much faith in them, Cobb writes. Those whose plans were based on the IEA's 2000 oil forecast were completely blindsided by developments just a few years later.

  • Stocks mixed in slow start to week

    Stocks fluctuated between small gains and losses on Wall Street for most of Monday. Small-company stocks are doing well because they are less exposed to recession-plagued Europe than the large international stocks that make up the Dow and the S&P 500 index.

  • Energy Voices Forget ExxonMobil. Chevron is new leader in oil.

    Although Chevron is smaller, it has eclipsed ExxonMobil as the best-managed international oil company. Chevron's stock has outperformed ExxonMobil's, it pays a higher dividend, and the company is reporting a slightly higher profit margin.

  • Stocks fade in late trading

    Stocks fell on Wall Street Thursday on signs of a slowing economy mixed with indications the Federal Reserve would end its bond-buying program this year. Wal-Mart stocks sank after warning of weaker earnings ahead. 

  • Energy Voices How will the US capitalize on its oil boom?

    Oil production is surging in the US, sending supply shockwaves through world markets. The US could become the world leader in more ways than one, Graeber writes, but only if it opens its oil spigot.

  • Energy Voices Oil boom boosts US, but Europe could see decline

    The benefits of the North American oil boom on this side of the Atlantic are well-documented – and the same technologies might help developing nations. But Europe's energy industry, which separately became a target of a price-fixing investigation, could emerge as a loser.

  • Stocks rise as Dow holds above 15,000

    Stocks rose Wednesday, on a day without any major economic releases. The Dow Jones industrial average closed above 15,000 for a second day. Stocks have defied predictions that a sell-off would follow the spring surge as signs emerged that growth could be set for a slowdown. 

  • Energy Voices US oil boom means oil prices must drop, right? Wrong.

    Even though production of oil from new fields in the U.S. is booming, there is a consistent decline in production from old fields around the world, and OPEC members have not increased production. Meanwhile, though demand for oil is falling in the US, it continues to grow around the world.

  • Stocks soar. Dow has first close above 15,000.

    Stocks rose on Wall Street Tuesday with the Dow Jones industrial average closing above 15,000 for the first time. Higher quarterly profits for companies including satellite TV provider DirecTV and watchmaker Fossil pushed stocks upward. The Dow Jones is up 15 percent this year.