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  • Gas prices creep upward as oil soars

    Gas prices rose 2.4 cents over the weekend to a national average of $3.38 per gallon,, but oil spiked nearly 2 percent as Norwegian oil workers prepared to strike. Gas prices are up six cents from last week, but remain well below prices seen at the same time last year.

  • Gas prices lowest since January, but oil soars

    Gas prices hit a $3.35 national average – the lowest since Jan. 6. But oil prices soared Friday, hinting that gas prices may be back on the way up. 

  • Where gas prices are highest

    Gasoline is a very visible price, and closely watched by many drivers.  Petroleum prices impact many products, from food to industrial production.  While the cost of crude is the major factor in gasoline price volatility, some countries levy taxes on fossil fuels.   Here are ten countries where high gas prices are the norm, according to British insurance firm Staveley Head.

  • Upfront Blog The 'long war' for energy security

    Since the oil shocks of the 1970s, the US has been seeking energy independence. Now natural gas is seen as a possible solution. But at best it will probably only give Americans a breather while they look beyond hydrocarbons.

  • The Economist raises Scotland's ire with 'Skintland' joke

    The Economist was targeting Scotland's interest in becoming independent, pointing out that 'Skintland' relies heavily on the United Kingdom.

  • Gas prices begin climb toward $4.50 a gallon, experts say

    Gas prices could hit $4.50 a gallon nationwide by summer because of sanctions on Iran, a frigid winter in Europe, and logistical challenges in the US. The current all-time high is $4.11.

  • The New Economy Oil prices will rise as supplies tighten? Hardly.

    Oil prices, which fell below $97 a barrel on Monday, are not poised to surge in the long run because long-term production is declining. Better technology and, if needed, higher oil prices mean the long predicted peak in oil production is a long way off. 

  • The Monitor's View Make sure shale-gas boom doesn't go bust

    Obama and GOP should unite in driving the use of this abundant gas as a 'bridge fuel' to renewable energy. But they must be cautious in rushing to tap shale gas.

  • Scotland talks independence – but can it afford it?

    With a vote on Scotland's independence from the UK becoming more inevitable, Scots want to know how an independent Scotland would pay its bills.

  • Tech stocks, market hit by Intel, Europe woes

    Tech stocks, market hit by Intel, Europe woes

    Tech stocks fell on news that chipmaker Intel, a bellwether for tech stocks, cut its profit outlook. Moody's says it plans to review EU sovereign debt ratings, adding to the general market gloom.