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  • Culture Cafe 'Falling Skies': The survivors find Charleston isn't what they imagined

    'Falling Skies' finds the group of survivors confronting a city that's trying to avoid the enemy rather than engage it.

  • 'Top of the Rock': 8 inside stories about NBC's 'Must See TV'

    From 'Friends' to 'Seinfeld,' Warren Littlefield delves into the world behind NBC's blockbuster Thursday night comedies in 'Top of the Rock.'

  • Ashton Kutcher to play Steve Jobs in new biopic

    'Two and a Half Men' star Ashton Kutcher will portray former Apple CEO Steve Jobs in an upcoming indie film, TheWrap reported Monday. Is director Joshua Michael Stern taking a chance on Hollywood's favorite prankster?

  • TNT's 'Falling Skies' stomps on 'The Walking Dead'

    Culture Cafe TNT's 'Falling Skies' stomps on 'The Walking Dead'

    TNT's new sci-fi show 'Falling Skies' echoes themes in AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' but 'Falling Skies' does it better. Post-apocalytic survival is more action packed and human in 'Falling Skies.'

  • Top 10 time travelers

    Top 10 time travelers

    Strictly speaking, we're all one-way time travelers: plodding forward through the progress of existence second-by-second. And thanks to special relativity, you could, in principle, skip ahead into the future by traveling at a very high speed relative to your contemporaries. But that, too, would be a one-way trip. As for travel back in time? Some physicists cautiously speculate that it is possible, but only time will tell. In the meantime, here are our top ten favorite fictional time travelers.