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  • Seeking tech fixes for aid projects, Myanmar hold first hackathon

    Low phone penetration and spotty Internet access have held back Myanmar, previously called Burma, but foreign investment and aid could unlock its fledgling tech sector. 

  • Modern Parenthood Monster drinks and fighting for healthy teens at home

    Monster drinks investigation: The San Francisco city attorney and the New York state attorney general have partnered up to investigate if the maker of Monster drinks is directly marketing to kids. True or not, the frontline of the battle against bad foods for kids begins at home.

  • Boston bombings: Sox, Bruins get back to business

    Following Friday's manhunt for the Boston marathon bombing suspect and the postponement of sporting events, the Red Sox will play the Kansas City Royals Saturday afternoon and the Boston Bruins will play the Pittsburgh Penguins.

  • Mountain Dew breakfast 'juice' drink comes with jolt of caffeine (+video)

    Mountain Dew breakfast drink: Kickstart has a Dew flavor but is made with 5 percent juice, vitamins, and 20 milligrams more caffeine that Mountain Dew soda. But PepsiCo says the Mountain Dew breakfast drink will have less caffeine than Monster and Red Bull.

  • 'Heads in Beds': 6 crazy stories about working at a hotel

    In "Heads in Beds," former hotel worker Jacob Tomsky reveals what really happens behind the scenes and offers suggestions as to how to ensure good service the next time you are a guest in a hotel.

  • No TV ads? Maybe not. NBC, FOX, CBS sue over ad-skip feature.

    NBC, FOX, and CBS have file a lawsuit against Dish Network for Autohop, a feature that blacks out commercials on pre-recorded network shows. The networks argue that the feature violates copyright laws and jeopardizes the financial foundation of the entire television industry.

  • Photos of the Day Photos of the Day 07/23

    A worker scratches his head while talking on the phone as he looks over a sinkhole on Friday in Milwaukee, Wisc. Powerful thunderstorms caused widespread flooding in southern Wisconsin, closing down Milwaukee's airport and opening up a giant sinkhole, and two people were hospitalized after being struck by lightning, authorities said.

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