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  • North Korea enigma: American released, uncle executed ... enter Dennis Rodman?

    Dennis Rodman returns to North Korea Monday for 'basketball diplomacy,' but experts are still puzzled by the execution of an uncle to leader Kim Jong-un. Can the 'Worm' turn up some answers?

  • Bill Russell: 12 quotes about basketball

    Bill Russell, who led the Celtics to 11 championships playing in the old Boston Garden, has been immortalized with a statue on City Hall Plaza only a few blocks away.The first of those championships occurred in his rookie season of 1956-57 on the heels of leading his college team, the University of San Francisco, to back-to-back national titles, and the 1956 US Olympic squad to a gold medal in Melbourne, Australia. The old St. Louis Hawks made the 6 ft. 10 in. Russell the second pick in the 1956 draft, behind Sihugo Green, but immediately traded him to the Celtics for Ed Macauley and Cliff Hagan. The deal paid off handsomely, as Boston won its first NBA title in Russell’s rookie season, then began an unmatched run of eight successive championships two years later.Russell capped off his playing career as the team’s player coach, becoming the first African-American to break into the head coaching ranks in any of the four major North American professional leagues.Always outspoken and highly quotable, here are 12 thoughts Russell shares in his book, "Russell Rules: 11 Lessons on Leadership from the Twentieth Century's Greatest Winner," written with David Falkner in 2001.

  • Basketball's Bill Russell joins the Bronze Age

    A new statue to Bill Russell, the Boston Celtic Hall of Famer, pays tribute to the athlete who helped bring 11 championships to Boston in the space of 13 years.

  • Red Sox and Cardinals: World Series tango part of two-city sports serial (+video)

    Boston and St. Louis have had a number of close encounters of the sports kind that have created an unexpected geographic rivalry.

  • 'Linsanity' is an only-in-America success story

    'Linsanity' is scattershot and the interviews don't reveal much, but the story of Jeremy Lin's rise to fame is worth telling.

  • Shaq changes his tune as new Kings-maker

    Shaquille O'Neal's verbal jab at the NBA's Sacramento franchise during his playing days was only a bit of marketing gamesmanship, The Big Diesel says now that he's a part-owner of the Kings.

  • Modern Parenthood Empty nesters: Claim your extra room

    With college students tucked into their dorm rooms, empty nesters see new real estate in their old rooms, but kids may expect find their old bedroom intact. Head off conflict by discussing the transition together.

  • Modern Parenthood Bill Nye brings STEAM to Dancing with the Stars

    Bill Nye (The Science Guy) is becoming a fan favorite on Dancing with the Stars setting a refreshing example for kids who believe that you have to choose between being 'the smart kid' and being 'the popular kid.' 

  • The Simple Dollar Passive income: What is it, how to get it.

    Wouldn't it be great to get money on a regular basis while spending very little effort to maintain that stream? That's the magic of passive income, Hamm says. He walks readers through how they can establish a passive income stream.

  • The world’s 10 most valuable sports teams

    This year’s Forbes list of the world's most valuable teams is heavy with two kinds of football and features a new top squad. Can you guess which team, and which sport, nabbed the number one spot?