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  • 'Very dangerous' storm rattles Midwest

    Hail and high winds struck the Midwest region on Wednesday. The weather inconvenienced many commuters in Chicago and elsewhere. There were, however, no immediate reports of significant damage or injuries. 

  • Derecho threat: Storms batter Midwest with wind, hail

    A violent weather system – threatening a severe event called a derecho – moved through the Midwest Wednesday dumping hail and rain. Some 12 million people in four states live in the area at high risk of the storms and a potential derecho, according to the National Weather Service.

  • Verbal Energy The doubts of the riot kiss photographer

    A news item from Vancouver's hockey fracas shows how the Web compresses our language – and just how well English stands up to being squeezed.

  • Young Mr. Obama

    Young Mr. Obama

    What we can learn about Obama from his Chicago years.

  • Grand Ole Opry flood and other crazy weather: El Niño's fault?

    Grand Ole Opry flood and other crazy weather: El Niño's fault?

    Two major weather phenomena that emerged last year – El Niño and the North Atlantic Oscillation – put a big kink in the jet stream and caused blizzards, tornadoes, and perhaps even last weekend's torrent in Tennessee, which caused the Grand Ole Opry flood.