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  • After Fed rally stocks slip late in day

    Most of Friday seemed like another day in the Fed rally until stocks slipped in the late afternoon. Stocks are still much higher than might be expected for such a morose economy.

  • Weak global markets drag stocks down

    Three stocks fell for every two that rose on the New York Stock Exchange Thursday after manufacturing and business activity in both China and Europe slowed.

  • Good housing numbers lift stocks

    Stocks rose Wednesday after the release of two encouraging housing reports. Stocks of homebuilders rose sharply while the gains for broader stock indexes were muted. 

  • Yahoo! mega deal pays investors; stocks rise

    Yahoo! has completed a long-awaited $7.6 billion deal with China's Alibaba Group, generating a windfall that could help ease the pain of Yahoo! shareholders and send stock prices higher.

  • Apple hits new high as stocks slip slightly

    Weak economic news sent stocks sliding after a four-day surge in stock prices. Apple bucked the slight downward trend, rising $8.50 to $699.78, a new high for the stock market's most valuable company.

  • Stocks continue surge after Fed bailout

    The Federal Reserve's announcement of more help for the U.S. economy propelled stocks higher for a second day Friday. Apple led the rise in stock prices, blowing through its own all-time high as it started taking orders for the iPhone 5.

  • Bernanke bump: Stocks rise early on Fed action

    Bernanke's announcement that the Federal Reserve would once again step in to help the lagging economic recovery is sending stocks to one of their best weeks since June. Bernanke and the Fed pledged to spend $40 billion on mortgage bonds to drive down long-term interest rates and push investors into stocks.

  • Fed stimulus sends stocks soaring to 4-year high (+video)

    US stocks rallied after news that the Federal Reserve will spend $40 billion a month to buy mortgage securities. Nearly four stocks rose for every one falling, and the Dow closed at its highest level since December 2007.

  • Stocks up after European rescue fund ruling

    Stocks rose Wednesday after a German court cleared the way for that country to participate in a European rescue fund. The ruling helped push Germany's main stock index, the DAX, to its highest level since July of last year.

  • Stocks rise in anticipation of Fed meeting

    Investors hope an upcoming Federal Reserve meeting will lead to a jump in stock prices. The average of 30 large company stocks has already gained 1.8 percent to start September, a month which is usually dismal for stocks.