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  • Horizons RIM boots both CEOs, as market woes continue

    RIM has replaced its co-CEOs, Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis, with Thorsten Heins, the current chief operating officer. What's next for RIM and the BlackBerry line? 

  • The Reformed Broker Wall Street's return on equity problem

    The conditions of the early 2000s made big banks great profit machines. Now they aren't looking so good.

  • Stocks continue their steady climb

    The Dow rose 45 points to close at 12623 Thursday as strong corporate earnings reports and the lowest unemployment claims in almost four years gave investors more reasons  to take risks on stocks

  • Strong housing report boosts stocks

    The Dow and the S&P 500 had their highset closing numbers since July, propelled by a surprisingly strong report on the housing market and the possibility of more money for the International Monetary Fund. The Dow rose 96 points to close at 12578, and the S&P gained 14 points to end the day at 1308.

  • Robert Reich Romney can take risks. He's rich.

    Mitt Romney is casting his campaign as a defense of free enterprise, hard work, and risk-taking. Easy for him to say: the higher you go on the economic ladder, the easier it is to make money without taking any personal financial risk at all. The lower you go, the bigger the risks.

  • Stocks slip; JPMorgan disappoints

    The Dow fell 48 points to close at 12422 Friday after a rare disappointing earnings report from JPMorgan Chase battered bank stocks

  • Stock prices fall on European credit rumors

    Stock prices fell in morning  trading Friday after a rare earnings miss for JPMorgan Chase reports swirled that European governments may get their ratings cut soon. Stock prices dragged the Dow down 159 points in the first hour of trading.

  • Oil prices edge up to near $102 a barrel

    Oil prices pushed up by worries over European debt crisis. But some analysts see oil prices declining on slowing world growth and seasonal falloff.

  • Stocks climb on encouraging signs in economy

    Stocks climb on encouraging signs in economy

    Stocks on the Dow rise for the third day in a row, buoyed by falling jobless claims and better readings from leading indicators. 

  • Stocks fall with BoA, banks leading the slide

    Stocks fall with BoA, banks leading the slide

    The Dow lost 200 points to close at 11766. Bank of America plunged 4 percent; other big banks also faltered.