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  • Starry Nights

    Daisy Whitney tells the fantastically playful story of a depressed Parisian artist who finds inspiration when the subject of a famous painting comes alive.

  • 3 smart new historic novels

    There's a glorious interplay between historical fact and fiction in this week's fiction roundup.

  • The Painted Girls

    Cathy Marie Buchanan spins a clear-eyed and heartfelt account of the seamy side of La Belle Époque in Europe.

  • The Big Screen

    David Thomson's 'The Big Screen' tells the story of the rise and decline of an art form that once played a central role in human life.

  • Modigliani: A Life

    Modigliani: A Life

    Biographer Meryle Secrest tackles the messy, "cursed" life of Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani.

  • Photos of the Day Photos of the day 03/22

    Three oiled rock hopper penguins on the island chain of Tristan da Cunha. Thousands of endangered penguins have been coated with oil after a cargo ship ran aground and broke up on a remote British South Atlantic territory. The shipwreck also threatens the lobster fishery that provides a livelihood to one of the world's most isolated communities.

  • As the electricity flicks off, a mother in Zimbabwe contemplates the paths not taken

    Her son and friend look for treasure at the bottom of the garden, and she discovers her own.

  • Photos of the Day Photos of the Day 07/04

    Sue and Roger Main watch fireworks in Fenton, Mich., on Saturday.

  • Movie review: "Paris"

    Movie review: "Paris"

    This intimate film weaves multiple plots of ordinary lives and loves.

  • Boots that walked her home

    Boots that walked her home

    From the sidewalks of Paris to the muddy treks to the nearest store in Zimbabwe, these brown boots still put a spring in her step.