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  • Stocks fall ahead of busy week for markets

    Stocks edged lower Monday in anticipation of a series of big economic reports due out this week. A string of big-name merger deals wasn't enough to push stocks higher.

  • Gore Vidal: a celebrity, a life writ large

    Gore Vidal was known as much for his fierce public spats as he was for collected works that included 25 novels, 200 essays, six plays, several screenplays, and a National Book Award for essays on the United States.

  • From Our Files: the unvarnished Gore Vidal (+video)

    Gore Vidal, who died Tuesday, was a prolific American author, provocateur, and Renaissance man. The Monitor's Daniel B. Wood interviewed Vidal in 2006 at his art-studded home in Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills. Here's the story that emerged from that Vidalian encounter.