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  • Google Glass worries lawmakers, casino operators

    New wearable computers are drawing concerns from some about policy and privacy issues. Others say such worries stem primarily from a fear of change. Discussions continue about the appropriate place for such technology in varied social situations.

  • Pot smokers can be fired, Colorado court rules

    Pot smokers can be fired even if it was used for medical purposes and off duty. While marijuana use is legal in Colorado, appeals court says pot smokers can still be fired because the drug is still barred by federal law.

  • Colorado court rules marijuana smokers may be fired

    Medical and recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado, but federal law says employers can lawfully fire workers who test positive for the drug, ruled a Colorado appeals court Thursday.

  • Drew Peterson: How his murder case upended a quiet community

    When police Sgt. Drew Peterson was charged with murdering his third wife, it brought an intense media glare to Bolingbrook, Ill., a Chicago suburb. His conviction doesn't mean the community will slip back into obscurity any time soon.

  • 70 years on, London commemorates surviving the 'blitz'

    70 years on, London commemorates surviving the 'blitz'

    The 70th anniversary of the start of the Nazi 'Blitz' on England today was commemorated near St. Paul's Cathedral, which survived the bombing campaign as much of the city around it was reduced to rubble.