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  • NFL draft 2013: Without the quarterbacks, will fans tune in? (+video)

    NFL draft 2013 won't have a quarterback as the first overall pick; it's possible there won't be one in the first round, and household names are few. Will the NFL draft's perennially strong TV ratings suffer?

  • NFL 2012: a banner year for rookie quarterbacks

    Encouraged by the success of Carolina’s Cam Newton and Cincinnati’s Andy Dalton last season, five teams hand the offensive controls to five players fresh out of the college ranks.

  • NFL draft: 5 reasons it is must-see TV

    All the hullabaloo surrounding the NFL draft can be a bit baffling to the uninitiated. Commissioner Roger Goodell just walks onstage, calls a name, and then shakes a hand. Hardly gripping stuff. But here are five reasons it is such a big draw: 

  • Sports in the US: Year-round madness

    Sports in the US: Year-round madness

    From the bracketology of March Madness to ESPN Everything, sports has become one of the most pervasive forces in American culture. Is it a great unifying force or a sign of misplaced priorities?