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  • 2012's 'good news' stories

    2012 saw jobs returning to the US, health concerns improve in historic numbers, and more.

  • 10 great summer cars

    Wind in your hair, sun in your face – the summer drive is as classic a pastime as barbecues and baseball.  For dedicated sun-seekers, the right machine can make all the difference, and since most of us can’t afford the demi-convertible Maybach Landaulet limousine, here are 10 fun-loving new models sure to keep a summer smile on your face.  Climb into one of these this season, and you’ll be happy to keep driving duties for yourself.

  • Top 12 best cars for the money

    Consumer confidence may be rising, but it still makes sense to watch every penny – especially with big purchases, like a new car. Although auto sales perked up in 2011, value is still the name of the game. U.S. News Best Cars spent months analyzing thousands of professional reviews, as well as reliability and safety data, to create the 2012 Best Cars for the Money Awards. Here are the 12 most highly praised low-cost, low-maintenance models for 2012:

  • Chevy Volt price gouging? Report of dealer's $20,000 in extra charges.

    Chevy Volt price gouging? Report of dealer's $20,000 in extra charges.

    A Los Angeles-area Chevrolet dealer is planning to charge $61,000 for a Chevy Volt. Some would-be Volt owners report that they have gotten similar responses from other dealers.