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  • Building a cybersecurity roadmap: A Monitor, Center for National Policy seminar

    It's easy to get anxious about cybersecurity -- but that need not be the case. The Department of Homeland Security's top cyber official and leaders in the field join the Monitor and the Center for National Policy to chart paths forward in cyberspace.

  • Focus You ranked them: 10 top stories in America in 2013

    Here are 10 top stories Americans followed in 2013, ranked by respondents to a Monitor/TIPP poll according to the percentage who said they followed the story very closely.

  • Boston Marathon bombing manhunt liveblog: bombing suspect in custody, officials thank public

    Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is now confirmed to be in custody, and is said to be in serious condition.

  • 2012's 'good news' stories

    2012 saw jobs returning to the US, health concerns improve in historic numbers, and more.

  • Focus The Monitor's top 11 US stories of 2012

    From storms to politics, the year was a wild ride. What are the most meaningful US stories of 2012? Here's the Monitor's list, in roughly chronological order.

  • Looking back: The Monitor's coverage of 9/11

    Looking back: The Monitor's coverage of 9/11

    Ten years ago, The Monitor had recently moved into a renovated newsroom on the second floor of the venerable Christian Science Publishing Society in Boston. It featured new, modular desks, carpeting instead of linoleum, and many large TV monitors hung from the ceiling. They were tuned to various network and cable channels, but with the sound turned off, normally. So the first indication of a crisis on 9/11 was a chilling silent image of smoke billowing from the North Tower of the World Trade Center, an image that spread from screen to screen across the newsroom. When the second plane hit, 17 minutes after the first, it was clear that the United States was under attack. We had four hours till deadline that day. Four hours in which to try to make sense of what had just happened. Reporters, editors, photographers, editorial writers, columnists, feature writers, even editors and writers of the religious article that appears in the Monitor daily, sprang into action. It was the beginning of days, weeks, and months of reporting and analysis of that incident and its aftermath that would follow. The list below represents some of the most significant reporting and writing we did that day and on subsequent days. The 9/11 stories and images are The Monitor's first draft of the history of that moment. Like most first drafts, some could do with some revising now. But give credit to the swiftness with which they had to be written -- especially those produced that first day and week -- and the decades (if not centuries) of accumulated wisdom, knowledge, and expertise they represent on the part of a staff that worked around the clock to bring them to you.

  • High gas prices: Want to be a cool 'hypermiler'?

    Editorial Board Blog High gas prices: Want to be a cool 'hypermiler'?

    Gas is back at $4 a gallon, but Americans aren't slowing down yet. We have to make fuel efficiency cool. Here's how.

  • Computers vs. humans: the electronic brains are the vulnerable ones

    Editor's Blog Computers vs. humans: the electronic brains are the vulnerable ones

    In fact and fiction, we worry about menacing computers like HAL of '2001.' But the rise of cyber threats show how vulnerable the super brains really are.

  • Top 5 overlooked stories of 2010

    Top 5 overlooked stories of 2010

    History, it seems, will remember 2010 in the United States as the year of health-care reform, the Gulf oil spill, and the tea party movement. But the most widely covered stories are clearly not the only events that could shape the future of the nation. Here we note five overlooked stories of 2010 – developments that might have received some press coverage but perhaps not as much as they should have, given the impact they could have on various aspects of American life in the years ahead.

  • Electric cars: Considering a Volt or Leaf? Lease it.

    The New Economy Electric cars: Considering a Volt or Leaf? Lease it.

    Electric cars are coming this fall. But with many unknowns, it could be more prudent to lease than buy a Chevy Volt or Nissan Leaf.