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  • Sheryl Sandberg becomes Facebook's first board woman

    Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook's chief operating officer, has become the first woman on the company's board of directors. Sheryl Sandberg has been with Facebook since 2008, when the social-networking site lured her away from Google.

  • Horizons Facebook App Center goes live for mobile users

    Facebook officially launched its App Center this week, amid a smattering of good news from Wall Street. 

  • Change Agent Beyond standardized tests – teaching empathy

    More than ever children need skills in how to work with changing teams of collaborators and how to seek solutions rooted in the needs of others, the author says.

  • Horizons Facebook Junior? The social network prepares for younger users: report

    Facebook is building technology that would allow users under the age of 13 to access the social network, according to a new report. 

  • Opinion Is Facebook destroying our capacity for meaningful relationships?

    While investors follow Facebook stock prices, it is we the Facebook users who will shape this new global social fabric. We must reinvest in self-reflection and in-person relationship building. We must use Facebook in ways that bring us closer together, not tear us further apart.

  • Digital Vertigo

    Are Facebook and Twitter really forms of "an absurd global prison where we are all forced to live in public?” Author and Silicon Valley entrepreneur Andrew Keen is afraid that the answer is yes.

  • Facebook stock drops below $29 (+video)

    Facebook stock falls 9.6 percent to close at $28.84. In its first seven days of trading, Facebook stock has lost nearly a quarter of its value.

  • Facebook IPO: Six key dates in its debacle

    Facebook's first week as a publicly traded company will go down as a terribly botched corporate launch, perhaps one of the worst in recent history for such a highly visible entity. Eight days ago, it was the tech world's most highly anticipated initial public offering in eight years. Now, the social media company faces mounting legal woes and serves as an embarrassing example of how not to run an IPO. Despite rising insider pessimism about its growth prospects, Facebook kept boosting its asking price and the number of shares it would sell. The result: billions of dollars in losses; investigations by two congressional committees, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), an industry watchdog, and the state of Massachusetts; at least 13 class-action lawsuits; and thousands of resentful shareholders who days later still were unsure how many Facebook shares they had or at what price. Here are six key dates in Facebook's unfolding IPO disaster.

  • Facebook stock still slipping as investors grow wary

    The company has slipped to $91 billion in total valuation from its opening at $104 billion.

  • Facebook stock falling again. What went wrong?

    Facebook stock fell 7 percent in early trading Tuesday, after an 11 percent fall Monday. In challenging market environment, selling IPO of Facebook stock is like 'trying to get a jumbo jet to take off in turbulent weather.'