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  • Opinion 4 smart ways to rebuild after superstorm Sandy

    Early estimates of the damage from superstorm Sandy are staggering. In the days ahead, once people's immediate needs are met, we must focus on rebuilding. It is increasingly clear that rebuilding efforts must consider the following four points.

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  • World Trade Center: 9/11 lawsuit can't continue, says judge

    World Trade Center owners can't sue the airlines for the events of 9/11, a judge ruled Thursday. The World Trade Center owners have already received $5 billion in insurance payments, but sought $3.5 billion more from the airlines' insurers.

  • Statue of Liberty reopens on Independence Day (+video)

    The Statue of Liberty reopening was a sign of recovery as the nation used the day to celebrate its independence in a wide variety of ways — from fireworks tributes to fallen firefighters to parades, concerts, and hot-dog eating contests.

  • Duel with the Devil

    NPR 'literary detective' Paul Collins chronicles a gripping real-life murder mystery, set in New York City circa 1800 – the first truly tabloid crime in our nation's history.

  • Bloomberg details NYC plan to combat climate change (+video)

    New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg laid out a multimillion dollar plan Tuesday to guard New York City against storms and the effects of global warming. Fueled by Superstorm Sandy last fall, the sweeping proposals for New York represent a sizeable step up in scale and urgency for Mayor Bloomberg.

  • NYC dogs can smell a rat and capture it too

    A far cry from the noble European hunts of yore, rat hunting as a sport for dogs is becoming a 'thing' in New York. Members of the Ryders Alley Trencher-fed Society – RATS – meet at night and sic their dog companions on vermin scurrying about in the night. 

  • Portrait Inside My Head

    Phillip Lopate reflects on baseball, Brooklyn, and a mixed bag of other topics in his new collection of essays.

  • Sandy aid: Home buyouts? Competitions for cash? Officials think bold.

    New York and New Jersey leaders are making proposals on how to use the first installment of the $51 billion aid package that Congress approved for regions affected by superstorm Sandy.

  • Robert De Niro puts his prints in cement at Hollywood's Chinese Theatre

    De Niro put his hands and feet in cement at the Chinese Theatre, adding his prints to those of other legendary actors. Joe Pesci always said, joked De Niro, that his 'feet would end up in cement.'

  • More than 8,000 NYC school bus drivers on strike

    About 200 bus drivers and busmatrons, who help kids on and off buses, were assembled on picket lines in Queens.

  • New York City ferry crash injures dozens

    Questions remain following the collision Wednesday morning of a ferry into a dock in Manhattan. The ferry had recently undergone an overhaul, but officials said it was too soon to tell if the engine and propulsion work played a role in the crash.