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  • New York reels from hurricane Sandy: 'Unprecedented ... is what we got.'

    A day after hurricane Sandy threw damaging winds and a historic storm surge at New York, the city girded for a long recovery from widespread power outages and a flooded subway.

  • Hurricane Sandy surge could flood New York runways and subways

    Hurricane Sandy brings strong winds and rain, but for the New York area, the biggest concern may be the storm surge, which could come ashore in some places as a 13-foot wall of water.

  • Hurricane Sandy grounds flights in Boston, NYC, Washington DC (+video)

    Hurricane Sandy's high winds has forced the cancellation of some 7,500 flights on Sunday and Monday in East Coast cities. Hurricane Sandy is now 300 miles from land but 1,000 miles across.

  • Baseball fans: Take a quick tour of all 30 major league ballparks

    Authors Josh Pahigian and Kevin O’Connell explore America's major league ballparks in "The Ultimate Baseball Road."

  • Everyday heroes: 11 tales of American heroes

    Charles Ramsey answered a call for distress and discovered a house of horrors. Victor Perez stopped the abduction of an 8-year-old girl. Two teenage boys rescued a couple from a burning car wreck in Florida. New Yorker Kashmir Singh goes the extra mile to help a Swiss couple. Here are 11 stories of everyday American heroes who responded to trying circumstances with extraordinary grace and courage.

  • A bit late, winter grips Midwest and Northeast

    Snowplow drivers were out in force overnight in Chicago, where temperatures plummeted. The storm could drop up to a foot of snow on parts of Ohio along Lake Erie before moving east.

  • Looking back: The Monitor's coverage of 9/11

    Looking back: The Monitor's coverage of 9/11

    Ten years ago, The Monitor had recently moved into a renovated newsroom on the second floor of the venerable Christian Science Publishing Society in Boston. It featured new, modular desks, carpeting instead of linoleum, and many large TV monitors hung from the ceiling. They were tuned to various network and cable channels, but with the sound turned off, normally. So the first indication of a crisis on 9/11 was a chilling silent image of smoke billowing from the North Tower of the World Trade Center, an image that spread from screen to screen across the newsroom. When the second plane hit, 17 minutes after the first, it was clear that the United States was under attack. We had four hours till deadline that day. Four hours in which to try to make sense of what had just happened. Reporters, editors, photographers, editorial writers, columnists, feature writers, even editors and writers of the religious article that appears in the Monitor daily, sprang into action. It was the beginning of days, weeks, and months of reporting and analysis of that incident and its aftermath that would follow. The list below represents some of the most significant reporting and writing we did that day and on subsequent days. The 9/11 stories and images are The Monitor's first draft of the history of that moment. Like most first drafts, some could do with some revising now. But give credit to the swiftness with which they had to be written -- especially those produced that first day and week -- and the decades (if not centuries) of accumulated wisdom, knowledge, and expertise they represent on the part of a staff that worked around the clock to bring them to you.

  • JFK turtles bring some NYC air traffic to a crawl Wednesday

    JFK turtles crossed a busy runway at the New York City airport to get to nearby beaches, where they could lay eggs. The JFK turtles are of the diamondback terrapin type.

  • LaGuardia airport and others reopen, but stranded fliers still face ordeals

    LaGuardia airport and others reopen, but stranded fliers still face ordeals

    LaGuardia airport, JFK airport, and Liberty airport are all open again after the 2010 blizzard, but many travelers are still days from catching a flight home.

  • When will LaGuardia, JFK airport reopen? Winter weather advisory persists.

    When will LaGuardia, JFK airport reopen? Winter weather advisory persists.

    The New York area's JFK airport, LaGuardia airport, and Liberty airport all shut down after Christmas. Despite a winter weather advisory, the airports hope to open Monday.