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  • Back to Africa? For some African-Americans, the answer is yes

    A steady trickle of African-Americans find a homeland in Africa, whether motivated by love, money, or a desire to connect with ancestral roots. Ghana has become a particularly popular destination.

  • Keep Calm Afghan President Karzai's angry ultimatums have parallels in post-colonial Africa

    After the massacre of 16 Afghan civilians by a US Army sergeant, Afghan President Karzai told the US to speed up withdrawal. Post-colonial experience from Africa suggests that US departure may not be pretty.

  • From our Files: Africans Cheer Ghana Freedom: Parliament Meets

    Today marks the 55th anniversary of Ghana's Independence Day, as the former British colony became the first black African country to achieve independence from colonial rule. In March 1957, Monitor reporter John Hughes was writing on location in Ghana. He describes a jubilant and hopeful scene as the former Gold Coast became a new nation, named Ghana after an ancient African kingdom.-Emily Powers, Monitor Library

  • Keep Calm Ghana: When Independence day becomes a ho-hum affair, it's a good sign

    On this day, Ghana's founding father said the country must show 'the black man is capable of managing his own affairs.' It's a lesson Ghanaians – the first black African nation to throw off colonialism – have taken home. 

  • African Union summit: disunity on display

    With the leadership of the African Union in question, old powers like France and new powers like China are vying for influence. Will peacekeeping missions and conflict resolution efforts suffer?

  • All culture is multicultural

    Editor's Blog All culture is multicultural

    Every culture is the product of mixing and blending. That doesn't make multiculturalism comfortable, but without new ideas, music, and tastes, humanity would stagnate.

  • Five myths about Africa

    Five myths about Africa

    Matt Damon, listen up: After five years of covering Africa, our departing correspondent tells how his perceptions have changed about a complex continent, including why some Africans resent celebrity visits.

  • Opinion Why Ghana doesn't love Obama anymore

    Obama told Ghanaians in 2009: “Africa’s future is up to Africans.” So why is the US bombing Libya, they rightly ask. No lasting peace will take root in Libya without strong African support. Ditto for America’s ongoing struggle against terrorists there.

  • Ghana takes steps to avoid oil curse

    The 'model' West African nation of Ghana last week announced a five-year road map to make sure the economy is not overly dependent on oil, but the policy papers are short on details.

  • Looking for John

    On her first trip to a Zimbabwe in turmoil, this taxi driver had made her feel safe.