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  • Tim Tebow blackballed by NFL?

    Tim Tebow blackballed? As a football player, Tim Tebow brings too much media baggage, say some coaches. Is 'Tebowmania' why Tim Tebow is being blackballed?

  • Obama: Would he let a son play football?

    President Obama said when asked if he'd let a son play football that he'd 'have to think long and hard.' Obama, a big football fan, said he'd be worried for his son because of the increasingly evident physical toll that football has on its athletes. 

  • NFL's Goodell upholds some player suspensions in Saints' 'Bountygate' probe

    NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says Saint players Jonathan Vilma and Will Smith must sit out several games this season. But he reduced the penalties on former Saints Scott Fujita and Anthony Hargrove.

  • NFL 2012: a banner year for rookie quarterbacks

    Encouraged by the success of Carolina’s Cam Newton and Cincinnati’s Andy Dalton last season, five teams hand the offensive controls to five players fresh out of the college ranks.

  • Modern Parenthood Tom Brady's dad has big concerns about safety of youth football

    Tom Brady's dad says he would be hesitant to let his son  play football if he were making the decision today. His concern: the long term physical impacts of the game, even starting at the youth football level.

  • Saints 'bountygate' suspensions: Is Roger Goodell fighting football itself?

    NFL commissioner Roger Goodell came down hard on four current and former New Orleans Saints for participating in a bounty program to injure opponents. But some say he's going too far.

  • Peyton Manning future: Is it in the Cards, or with the Dolphins?

    Peyton Manning future: Manning has many NFL suitors. But two teams may be emerging as the best fit for Peyton Manning's future services: Arizona Cardinals and Miami Dolphins.

  • Peyton Manning retiring? He has good years left.

    Peyton Manning's future is still in question. But if the Colts don't want him, other teams will gladly take Peyton Manning.

  • The Monitor's View ‘Tebowed’ over

    The Denver quarterback openly speaks about his religion. Is there anything wrong with that?

  • Tom Brady, MVP again: 12 questions about No. 12

    Tom Brady, MVP again: 12 questions about No. 12

    Fortunately for New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, the man with the golden arm and silver helmet, the voting for the National Football League's annual MVP award takes place before the playoffs begin. Otherwise, it's possible he might not now have the distinction of being the first unanimous choice for the Associated Press NFL Most Valuable Player Award. Some voters might have had second thoughts, and possibly moved Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers ahead of him on their ballots. Brady, after all, was off his game against the New York Jets, who eliminated the favored Patriots in their one-and-done postseason. Rodgers, meanwhile, is the hottest QB of the moment, and might just take the Packers all the way in Sunday's Super Bowl. As it is, Brady now joins Joe Montana, Steve Young, and Kurt Warner as two-time MVP winners. The all-time leader is the Colts’ Peyton Manning with four. Jim Brown, Johnny Unitas, and Brett Favre have three. Just how much do you know about this season’s top regular-season player? Take this quiz to find out: