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  • Kenya: $60 for a slum tour

    Global News Blog Kenya: $60 for a slum tour

    In Nairobi, local companies offer 'poverty tours' of the city's slums.

  • How FBI traced Tarek Mehanna in his quest to become a jihadi

    How FBI traced Tarek Mehanna in his quest to become a jihadi

    Informants helped the FBI track Tarek Mehanna to the Middle East in search of terrorist training, according to government documents. Agents also copied his computer hard drive.

  • Photos of the Day 1020

    Youths attend a martial art practice session in Jammu, India, on Tuesday. Dozens practiced their skils under a local trainer.

  • Will Vatican lure Africa's Anglican anti-gay bishops to Catholic church?

    Despite fierce opposition to homosexuality, African bishops say the Vatican's effort to bring more Anglicans to the Catholic church will falter, largely because of the autonomy that they enjoy.

  • Photos of the Day 1019

    A girl rides on a swing carousel in Grozny, Chechnya, late Sunday. Russia recently ended a federal counter-terrorism operation after two wars in the republic. Separatist rebels however still stage frequent attacks in Chechnya despite increased stability in the southern region.

  • In Pictures Seven Wonders of Nature finalists

    The Amazon Rainforest is one of 28 sites picked as finalists in a global poll to name the New Seven Wonders of Nature, conducted by the Swiss nonprofit New7Wonders Foundation. The Brazilian Amazon, pictured here, harbors 40 percent of all remaining tropical rainforest, playing a vital role in global biodiversity and in protecting the earth's climate.

  • Photos of the Day 1014

    Sunflowers are covered in snow in the Absam, Austria, on Wednesday after a snow storm came through the region.

  • In Pictures Animal Moms

    A flamingo chick is nudged by its mother in their enclosure in the Budapest Zoo in Hungary in June 2009. With fifteen chicks newly hatched the number of flamingos at the zoo has grown to 98.

  • No $5 million Mo Ibrahim prize: no honest African leaders?

    No $5 million Mo Ibrahim prize: no honest African leaders?

    This year, cellphone magnate Mo Ibrahim won't be giving a $5 million prize for good governance. Why not?

  • How world views Obama Nobel Peace Prize

    How world views Obama Nobel Peace Prize

    President Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize is praised in many countries as a reflection of a "new hope" in world politics, but others worry it came too soon. A global roundup of views.