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  • In Pictures Faces of Anna Chapman

    This undated image taken from the Russian social networking website 'Odnoklassniki,' or Classmates, shows a woman journalists have identified as Anna Chapman. Along with 10 others, she was arrested on charges of conspiracy to act as an agent of a foreign government without notifying the US attorney general.

  • Report: Chinese hackers targeted big oil companies, stole data

    Several oil companies were targets of hackers seeking 'proprietary' data about global oil finds, cyber security firm AcAfee reported Thursday. All evidence points to cyber spies in China, it says.

  • In Pictures Long exposures

    Mount Shinmoedake erupts, as seen from Takaharu Town, Japan, on Jan. 27. Long exposure photography captures images using a slow shutter speed, letting more light into the camera lens and giving the appearance of slow motion.

  • Photos of the Day Photos of the day 02/03

    A model presents a creation by Pilar Vera during the International Flamenco Fashion Show SIMOF in the Andalusian capital of Seville, Spain. The show will run until Feb. 6.

  • Photos of the Day Photos of the day 02/02

    A Peking Opera artist performs at a temple fair to celebrate the lunar New Year in Beijing. The Chinese lunar New Year begins on Feb. 3 and marks the start of the Year of the Rabbit, according to the Chinese zodiac.

  • Photos of the Day Photos of the Day 01/31

    A protester holds a placard depicting Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak as Adolf Hitler in Cairo's Tahrir Square on Jan. 31.

  • In Pictures Space photos of the day: Coming home

    Astronaut Alan B. Shepard is hoisted aboard a US Marine helicopter after splashdown of his 'Freedom 7' Mercury space capsule in 1961.

  • How 5 revolutions got their names

    Questions are cropping up about the appropriateness of calling Tunisia's uprising the "Jasmine Revolution" – stemming from the fact that the term has been used in reference to Syria in 2005 and even the path that brought ousted Tunisian President Ben Ali to power. But the moniker could stick, at least partially because it's become a tradition of sorts to name the revolutions of the 2000s after colors and flowers and even household items. Here's an overview of some of the popular revolutions – and their nicknames – that preceded Tunisia's ... whatever you want to call it:

  • Fritillarias are never bothered by deer and other pests

    Diggin' It Fritillarias are never bothered by deer and other pests

    The pungent odor of the spring-flowering bulb fritillaria keeps pests away.

  • Belarus crackdown strains ties with both EU and Russia

    Belarus crackdown strains ties with both EU and Russia

    Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko's crackdown on the opposition has prompted the EU to consider sanctions. But some members say that could backfire.