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  • Global News Blog Syrians want to know: 'Are you okay after Superstorm Sandy?'

    With the sound of mortars in the background, Syrians in Aleppo express concern for our American correspondent and his storm-battered homeland.

  • From our Files: Maurice Sendak interview, 2002

    Maurice Sendak, self-taught artist and author of "Where the Wild Things Are" (1963), would eventually write or illustrate over 90 books, beloved by generations of children into adulthood.  Sendak, who died today, spoke with Monitor reporter Gloria Goodale on the occasion of an exhibit of his artwork at Los Angeles' Skirball Cultural Center in 2002.  He spoke about his personal history growing up in Brooklyn amidst the tumult of family upended after World War II; his escape into an inspired, illustrated world; and his expansion into musical and opera collaborations.

  • Defending due process for Guantánamo detainees

    Defending due process for Guantánamo detainees

    Defense attorneys for Guantánamo detainees stand up for due process despite hate mail, threats, and Dick Cheney's daughter.