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  • Blue Nights

    Blue Nights

    Didion's devastating new memoir explores loss in all its forms, to powerful effect.

  • Fall books: 20 nonfiction titles you don't want to miss

    Fall books: 20 nonfiction titles you don't want to miss

    From the energy crisis to The Doors, from Hitler’s Germany to Rin Tin Tin, here are the nonfiction titles that have readers buzzing this fall.

  • 6 books that hurt so good

    6 books that hurt so good

    For years, people have been guessing at why, as a species, we love to do things like watch hideously depressing movies or read paralyzingly sad books. And while I’m sure any analyst could have a field day teasing apart just what causes a sad-book propensity, what I’m going to do is to put forth a generally applicable theory and then leave you with a selection of titles that will make you hurt so good. Books with heart-breaking plot points, utterly unlikable characters, dysfunction piled atop dysfunction simply must redeem themselves through the clarity of their prose and the ingenuity of their structure. In other words, when the content is unlovely the form must be brilliant. Great writing shines through unadulterated.