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  • Did health care 'tax' just blow up California's careful budget plans?

    California Governor Jerry Brown's plans to raise state taxes on the wealthy could be derailed because of voter concern about President Obama's plan to boost taxes on the wealthy and the Supreme Court's labeling the health care reform law a tax.

  • Facebook IPO: Six key dates in its debacle

    Facebook's first week as a publicly traded company will go down as a terribly botched corporate launch, perhaps one of the worst in recent history for such a highly visible entity. Eight days ago, it was the tech world's most highly anticipated initial public offering in eight years. Now, the social media company faces mounting legal woes and serves as an embarrassing example of how not to run an IPO. Despite rising insider pessimism about its growth prospects, Facebook kept boosting its asking price and the number of shares it would sell. The result: billions of dollars in losses; investigations by two congressional committees, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), an industry watchdog, and the state of Massachusetts; at least 13 class-action lawsuits; and thousands of resentful shareholders who days later still were unsure how many Facebook shares they had or at what price. Here are six key dates in Facebook's unfolding IPO disaster.

  • Tax VOX It's summer. Time for a California budget crisis.

    Like a movie franchise that keeps coming back, California's annual budget mess is the same story year after year.

  • Cover Story US prison inmates returning to society: How will they be received?

    States, eager to save money and adopt alternatives to incarceration, release inmates in record numbers. Is society ready for the surge? 

  • California facing higher $16 billion shortfall

    California's budget deficit has swelled to $16 billion and will force severe cuts to schools and public safety if voters fail to approve tax increases in November, warns Gov. Jerry Brown.

  • Saga of California's Salton Sea: a tragic chapter ahead?

    Some worry that a water-diversion deal, sending farm irrigation water to sprawling San Diego, will spell doom for the Salton Sea – and exposure to toxins for humans and wildlife. Others say protections are in place to ensure that can't happen.

  • Jerry Brown's Waterloo Station? California high-speed rail takes a new hit.

    A congressional committee says it will investigate federal funding for California's embattled high-speed rail project. California Gov. Jerry Brown's continued support is making him an increasingly lonely voice. 

  • Tax the rich ... more? Why Jerry Brown changed his plan to save California.

    California Gov. Jerry Brown wants voters to back his ballot initiative to raise taxes. But this week he changed it to fend off a teacher's union that could have ruined his plans. 

  • Xi Jinping in California: a glimpse of what China really wants

    Chinese president-in-waiting Xi Jinping will spend most of his two-day California trip highlighting the two things that, perhaps, the Chinese people admire most about the US: films and basketball. 

  • Why did Democrats choose Antonio Villaraigosa to lead national convention?

    Antonio Villaraigosa has built an impressive résumé in the California Assembly and as mayor of Los Angeles. As chair of the Democratic National Convention, he could help woo Latinos.