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  • Mitt Romney says his health care plan in Mass. was a win for women (+video)

    As the GOP Convention approaches, Mitt Romney said he was proud that his Massachusetts health care plan guaranteed coverage for women. He criticized President Obama for trying to tie him to Rep. Todd Akin's rape and abortion remarks.

  • Issac approaches, sending GOP scrambling

    Despite tropical storm Issac, which could become a Category 2 hurricane, Republican delegates are still flocking to Tampa, Fla. The storm has forced the GOP to postpone convention events.

  • Which side is winning the battle to define Paul Ryan?

    So far, polls show little to no bounce for Mitt Romney since he named Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate. The wisdom of adding Ryan to the ticket could be decided by how well he and Romney resolve their unsettled message on Medicare.

  • Romney's Paul Ryan pick energizes GOP (+video)

    In his first campaign speech as Mitt Romney’s VP pick, Paul Ryan warned that the US is in a 'different, difficult, dangerous moment' which the GOP presidential team won’t shrink from. So far, Republicans say they’re very impressed.

  • Paul Ryan: bold, risky pick for Romney VP (+video)

    Conservatives applaud Rep. Paul Ryan as the intellectual leader of the Republican Party. Liberals see Ryan as an ideologue who would destroy the nation’s social safety net.

  • Romney picks Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate

    Conservative pundits have been urging Romney to choose Rep. Ryan because of his budget plan that seeks to curb overall entitlement spending and changes Medicare into a voucher-like system to save costs, something Democrats already are targeting for attack.

  • Romney is vetting Rubio for possible VP pick

    Rumors have been swirling that the Florida senator is not on the short list, but the Romney campaign said today that he is being looked at.

  • Wisconsin recall goes to voters Tuesday

    The election has attracted enormous attention and is expected to be decided by a thin margin.

  • Gov. Scott Walker not backing down on Wisconsin union fight

    Gov. Scott Walker not backing down on Wisconsin union fight

    For Wisconsin Gov. Walker, as well as the thousands of protesters camped out at the state Capitol, the battle over public employee unions – particularly the right to bargain collectively – is fundamental, almost visceral.

  • Unemployment up? Not in these four maverick cities.

    Unemployment up? Not in these four maverick cities.

    The US lost jobs in September and the unemployment rate remains at a high 9.6 percent, the US Department of Labor reported Friday. But some metropolitan areas are bucking the trend and adding jobs. By making everything from food to music and band instruments, these four metros have seen the biggest year-over-year decline in their unemployment rates. Is your city on this list?