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  • Three best ways (and three worst ways) to finance holiday shopping

    Consumers tend to rack up a lot of credit card debt during the fourth quarter, largely due to holiday expenses. This year, by one estimate, the average holiday shopper is on track to spend around $800. For many, that means financing, which remains a double-edged sword despite historically low interest rates and an array of new consumer protections. It can either save you a lot of money in interest and fees or trip you up with caveats buried in fine print that drastically inflate your expenses. Here are three of the best and three of the worst financing offers for holiday shoppers in 2012:

  • Stocks end lower after strong week

    Stocks retreated after one of their best weeks of the year. Anxiety over the 'fiscal cliff' and European debt drove stocks down.

  • Stocks rise on hopes for budget deal

    Stocks had their biggest gain in two months Monday, breaking the post-election slump. Hope that Washington will reach a deal on the federal budget drove stocks upward.

  • Dow loses 313 in post-election sell-off

    Stocks plummeted during Wall Street's first day of trading after President Obama's reelection. Stocks also spiraled downward in the days after Obama's first victory.

  • Stocks rise as investors wait for a winner

    Stocks climbed Tuesday as investors remained 'on pins and needles' for the results of the US presidential election. A jump in crude prices helped lift stocks in petroleum refiners.

  • Opinion How to give cooperative businesses more clout in the world economy

    Against a backdrop of sluggish economic growth, rising wealth inequality, and high unemployment, cooperative businesses are telling an unexpected story of stability, growth, and value. They could do even more good if they received greater political and public support.

  • The Monitor's View Oh, the ease of blaming others in a crisis

    When earthquake experts are sentenced for bad predictions and lenders accused of bad calls on mortgages, society needs a reminder that individuals are responsible for their actions.

  • Fix the Debt: CEOs launch drive for 'grand bargain.' Is Washington listening?

    The Fix the Debt CEOs, who are dedicated to pushing Washington toward a deficit-reducing 'grand bargain,' say they were appalled by the reckless debate over the debt ceiling in 2011.

  • Stocks higher after retail sales improve

    A strong gain in retail spending sent stocks upward Monday. A positive earnings report from Citigroup was responsible for a broad rise in bank stocks.

  • Short Nights of the Shadow Catcher

    Timothy Egan's book is a stunning portrait of Edward Curtis, the photographer who made it his mission to photograph Native Americans.