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  • Difference Maker Tax day: 1040 reasons you should know Nina Olson

    Nina Olson is the National Taxpayer Advocate – the voice of the public at the IRS. She's trying to help you navigate the tax code you love to loathe.

  • US tax time: A later deadline and other tax facts

    Thanks to a holiday in Washington, D.C., the federal tax-filing deadline this year is April 17, two days later than usual. The extra time provides an opportunity to peruse some random tax-related facts.

  • Briefing Buffett rule: Five questions about Obama's plan answered

    President Obama wants a proposed "Buffett rule" to make sure that millionaires pay at least a 30 percent federal tax rate. Here are five facts that shed light on the Buffett rule and the debate surrounding it.

  • Tax deductions: 12 ways to save, from mortgage interest to moving costs

    Tax deductions can require some extra reading of instructions, but there's big money to be saved when you file your tax return.

  • Tax deductions: There's still time for small business

    Tax deductions for retirement savings are still available through April 17. File an extension to get more time to qualify for tax deductions. 

  • Tax tips: Top 5 reasons to hire a tax pro

    Tax tips can take you only so far if you're filling out your own returns. Sometimes, you need a tax pro. Most taxpayers, to the tune of 60 percent, opt to go with a tax professional. That share has climbed steadily: Just 41 percent used a professional preparer 30 years ago. Although a growing swath of the population – about 20 percent – is using tax-preparation software to complete returns, according to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), it seems that software isn't displacing accountants as much as it's simply becoming the mode of choice for do-it-yourself filers. As the Tuesday, April 17, tax filing deadline nears, here are five cases in which it might be wise to consider bringing a pro aboard:

  • Health-care challenge at US Supreme Court: Justices seek way past Day 1 hurdle

    Health-care reform proponents and detractors were on the same side Monday at the US Supreme Court, advocating that the justices move on to the constitutional issue on Tuesday.

  • Loan forgiveness? Great, but beware the tax.

    Loan forgiveness is helping indebted Americans. But the amount of the loan forgiveness can be taxed by the IRS.

  • Income tax refund: five tips for maximizing it

    People are always looking for ways to get every dollar back they deserve at tax time. Fortunately, there are some smart moves you can make before April 17 to help maximize your income tax refund. Spending a few minutes now will save you time preparing your taxes and can help you get big savings. Here are five tips to get you started:

  • Tax deductions: Here are five for homeowners

    Tax deductions for homeowners go way beyond interest on a mortgage. There are tax deductions for mortgage insurance and even energy-efficient improvements.