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  • Health insurers foresee rising premiums if court nixes 'individual mandate'

    A US Supreme Court ruling against the individual mandate in the Obama health-care law would batter the insurance industry. It could also raise the price of insurance for millions of Americans.

  • Affordable Care Act ruling is sticky for Obama

    Affordable Care Act decision from the Supreme Court may be handed down soon. If the Affordable Care Act is ruled unconstitutional, Obama's key legislative achievement will be for naught, and his reelection chances may be compromised.

  • Where gas prices are highest

    Gasoline is a very visible price, and closely watched by many drivers.  Petroleum prices impact many products, from food to industrial production.  While the cost of crude is the major factor in gasoline price volatility, some countries levy taxes on fossil fuels.   Here are ten countries where high gas prices are the norm, according to British insurance firm Staveley Head.

  • Seven retirement questions you need to answer

    Retirement planning isn't easy. Nearly half of Americans don't feel financially prepared to live to age 75, according to a survey from Northwestern Mutual. But the process is a lot less burdensome if you break the task down into simpler parts. Here are seven questions to ask as you plan for your long-term financial security in retirement.

  • Battle for women's votes: 6 flash points

    The uproar over the Obama campaign’s 'Life of Julia' Web infographic – which made #Julia big on Twitter – highlights just how fiercely both parties are fighting for the women’s vote. The economy is by far the most important issue in November for both sexes. But there are other areas with special significance to women. Here are the main flash points.

  • Spain enters recession; Dow and S&P 500 fall

    Spain reentered a recession Monday, renewing fears about Europe's economic stability and sending stocks lower. The Dow fell 14 points to close at 13213; the Standard and Poor 500 index had its first monthly loss since November.

  • Wall Street closes out best first quarter in 14 years

    Wall Street sees dramatic gains for indexes in first quarter of 2012: Dow climbs 8 percent; S&P rises 12 percent; Nasdaq is up 19 percent.  

  • Stocks mixed; Dow rallies late

    After dropping as much as 94 points earlier Thursday, the Dow rallied late in the day to close up 19 points, at 13145.

  • Falling commodity prices lower stocks

    Falling commodity prices pushed stocks lower Wednesday. The Dow fell 71 points to close at 13126, and all three major indexes lost at least a half percent.

  • Opinion Beyond Obamacare: 5 opinions on health care reform

    Health care reform remains a contentious issue in the United States. The Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of President Obama's health care law, the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare. But some Republicans, like presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, hope to repeal the law under the next Congress. Here, writers explore five key aspects of health-care reform.