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  • Amazon: Jobs available in 13 states jobs announcement comes a day before President Obama visits its Chattanooga, Tenn., warehouse. Some 5,000 of the Amazon jobs are in warehouses; another 2,000 in customer service. 

  • Seven rules for tech investing

    The overall stock market may have recovered from the Great Recession, but the tech sector has never fully recovered from the dot-com bust in the early 2000s. Here are seven rules for investing in high-tech companies while avoiding wild speculation:

  • Women in combat no later than 2016, Pentagon says

    The next steps to prepare for women in combat include setting physical standards for previously male-only jobs and reassuring Congress that combat won't expose more women to sexual assault.

  • Awash in art

    Charlie didn't know that, by doing his laundry, he'd arranged a still life.

  • Five best and worst states for job growth

    Some states have fared much better than others in reducing their unemployment rates in the past year. Can you guess which boom state was among those that backtracked?

  • Parasailing accident: Florida boat owner reaches out to families of injured

    Parasailing accident: Two Indiana teenagers were critically injured Monday in the Florida Panhandle. The US Coast Guard is now investigating this parasailing accident.

  • Opinion Gag the 'ag-gag' laws that bar undercover recording of cruelty to farm animals

    Several states have passed 'ag-gag' laws that make it illegal to gather undercover documentation and videos of cruelty to animals at factory farms and in other areas of industrial agriculture. But it is precisely this kind of reporting that exposes and can help stop abuse of animals.

  • Gay marriage battlegrounds: 7 states to watch

    In the states, the battle over gay marriage is gathering steam. Federal judges have preempted local efforts toward legal gay marriage in some states, while activists in other states are gearing up for ballot measures. One state may be moving toward a stronger defense of traditional marriage. Here's the state-by-state rundown.

  • Indiana explosion: What caused the fatal explosion?

    Indiana explosion: A man was killed in an explosion at an Indiana grain elevator today. OSHA says explosions in grain-handling facilities across the nation have killed 180 people and injured more than 675 over the last 35 years. 

  • Indiana leopard: Since when did leopards live in Indiana?

    Indiana leopard: An Indiana woman and her boyfriend shot and killed a leopard that they spotted prowling in their backyard. Wait, they have leopards in Indiana?