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  • Opinion 4 ways Congress can help American businesses

    The US unemployment hovers around 8.2 percent and the Dow Jones Industrial Average is struggling to remain above 12,000. The message is clear: This recovery from the Great Recession is still fragile. Legislators should focus their attention on these four straightforward policy changes to help American commerce.

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  • What's behind worldwide plunge in stocks?

    Fears of slower growth in China, weaker earnings in US, higher interest rates, and economic woes from Argentina to Turkey cause stocks and emerging market currencies to plummet. Stock market jitters coincide with global shift as developed economies improve while emerging markets slow.     

  • Indian rupee hits record low

    The Indian rupee fell past 64 to the dollar for the first time on Tuesday and bond yields spiked to a five-year high before the central bank stepped in to sell dollars. 

  • Japanese stocks plunge, rattling world markets

    Japan's Nikkei falls 6.4 percent Thursday in the wake of the Bank of Japan's decision to stand pat on monetary easing. Concerns also mount about Fed's commitment to easing in the US. 

  • Global markets drop with no clear winner in Italian elections

    Some election results in Italy are inconclusive, as of Tuesday. And world economic markets are reacting to the news in a negative manner.

  • The world begins celebrating 2013

    Australia and Asian nations are celebrating the New Year in style, from fireworks in Sydney and Hong Kong to a street party in Indonesia. Around the world, people are greeting 2013 with optimism.

  • Stocks fall. Obama win? No, Europe.

    Stocks got a short-lived boost from Barack Obama's re-election Wednesday, but concerns over a divided Congress and grim economic news out of Europe left stocks poised for a retreat. 

  • Stocks snap losing streak

    Thursday was the best day for US stocks since Sept. 13, when Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke announced further steps by the central bank to speed the economic recovery. Stocks were also helped by speculation that the central bank of China will act soon to help the world's No. 2 economy.

  • Asian stocks, boosted by stimulus, fall on economic outlook

    Asian stock markets drift lower as concerns rise about global economic weakness. Stock market optimism over stimulus from Fed and other central banks seems to be fading. 

  • On fifth anniversary of credit crisis, global markets fall

    The unofficial anniversary of the start of the global credit crisis sees markets down, despite hopes of more Chinese stimulus and encouraging US jobs data.

  • Stock market: Fears of Spanish bailout spook traders worldwide

    Stock market falls 1 percent or more in much of Asia and Europe. US stock market set for sharp drop, too.