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  • Best job in the world: honeymoon travel tester?

    The New Economy Best job in the world: honeymoon travel tester?

    You and your spouse could get paid to test honeymoon travel spots. In the latest in a series of positions dubbed best job in the world, an Irish tourism company seeks a couple to spend six months honeymooning.

  • In Pictures Voyage of the Plastiki

    British environmentalist David de Rothschild's eco-friendly catamaran, the Plastiki, made from 12,500 reclaimed plastic bottles, prepares to embark on a transpacific voyage from San Francisco to Australia. Rothschild, a decedent of the famous English banking family, will make the journey to bring attention to sites of ecological importance that are susceptible to issues caused by climate change.

  • Gallery Top 10 unusual protests

    POURING BLOOD: Blood spilled by anti-government protesters is seen on a street in front of the residence of Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vajjajiva on Mar. 17 in Bangkok, Thailand. A day earlier, thousands of red-shirted protesters dumped plastic bottles of their blood in front of Mr. Abhisit’s office and his political party’s headquarters. They collected about 300 liters from 50,000 protesters, reports said – far short of their aim of 1,000 liters.

  • In Pictures Destructive Oil Spills

    On April 26, weathered oil is seen near the coast of Louisiana from a leaking pipeline that resulted from an explosion on a Deepwater Horizon offshore oil rig. Crews are working with robot submarines to activate a shutoff device known as a blowout preventer to close off the flow of oil at the sunken rig's well head. Hundreds of miles of marshes, barrier islands, and white sand beaches are threatened by the approaching oil in the Gulf of Mexico.

  • In Pictures Coral

    A macro view of hard coral in Malaysia is seen here. Corals are marine organisms that often live in colonies of many identical individuals. Coral is formed from a myriad of polyps, which can be a few millimeters in diameter. They are genetically identical and reproduce asexually, but can also breed by spawning. Corals are major contributors to the structure of reefs that grow in tropical and subtropical water. Many species need sunlight to grow and are found in shallow water, though other species can live in the deeper, colder waters.

  • In Pictures Greenpeace activists

    Activists from the ecological group Greenpeace unload fake radioactive barrels in front of the Christian Democrats party (CDU) headquarters in Berlin, Germany on June 28. Greenpeace's Trojan horse was created to protest the party's atomic energy policies.

  • Global News Blog Germany: Dresden's World Heritage status falls to modern development

  • Finalists chosen for 'Seven Wonders of Nature' poll

    Bright Green Finalists chosen for 'Seven Wonders of Nature' poll

  • Bangladesh: A new seventh wonder?

    Global News Blog Bangladesh: A new seventh wonder?

  • Review: 'Under the Sea 3D'

    Review: 'Under the Sea 3D'

    Latest IMAX 3D adventure puts you nose to nose with a dazzling array of sea creatures and makes you wish the movie were longer.