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  • Verbal Energy 'Carmen,' gypsies, bohemians, and 'others'

    A performance of 'Carmen' reminds the Monitor’s language columnist how vexed our language for various 'others' is.

  • Thirty ideas from people under 30: The Artisans

    They are explorers and activists, artists and educators, farmers and faith leaders – even mayors. And they have trenchant suggestions on how to improve the world.

  • Carmen in 3D: movie review

    'Carmen in 3D' is a great opera, beautifully sung and the latest in a line of classic operas now showing in movie theaters.

  • Monitor Picks

    Monitor Picks

    Five things we think you'll like this week, including a podium's worth of conductor Herbert von Karajan's masterworks, one Moore heist movie, and a good reason to visit a Civil War battlefield this weekend.