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  • Why spotting alien life just got easier

    The Gemini Planet Imager (GPI), an intricate astronomical instrument the size of a small car can see planets a million times fainter than their parent stars. The technology is a step closer to finding a habitable planet beyond our solar system.

  • How Perseid meteor shower helps produce amazing images of galaxies

    The Perseid meteor shower and its ilk provide the sodium atoms in the middle atmosphere that light up when astronomers tickle them with a laser – a key step in adaptive optics, which are used by ground-based observatories.

  • Trojan asteroid detected in Neptune's 'dead zone'

    Trojan asteroid detected in Neptune's 'dead zone'

    Trojan asteroid 2008 LC18 is orbiting in a fixed spot in Neptune's orbit where the gravitational pull of Neptune and the sun balance out. Its discovery may help shed light on questions about planetary formation.