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  • In Pictures Seven Wonders of Nature finalists

    The Amazon Rainforest is one of 28 sites picked as finalists in a global poll to name the New Seven Wonders of Nature, conducted by the Swiss nonprofit New7Wonders Foundation. The Brazilian Amazon, pictured here, harbors 40 percent of all remaining tropical rainforest, playing a vital role in global biodiversity and in protecting the earth's climate.

  • In Pictures Retracing Darwin's footsteps

    The first stop on the second voyage of the HMS Beagle was at St. Jago in the Cape Verde Islands. Darwin's first journal entry was made here. Darwin's focus on the island was mainly geological, writing about the slow formation of the islands over extremely long periods of time.

  • In Pictures Animals of the Galapagos

    A Galapagos giant tortoise at the Charles Darwin Research Station eats her greens. This captive tortoise is part of a breeding program that has already released hundreds of juveniles back onto their native islands. Full-grown adults can weigh more than 600 pounds and live up to 100 years or more. Giant tortoises are found only in the Galapagos.

  • In Pictures Endangered animals

    Giant Panda 'Kai Kai' sits in his enclosure at the Giant Panda Forest exhibit at the River Safari, Nov. 28, 2012, in Singapore. Panda populations are threatened by poaching and a loss of habitat, as well as a low birth rate.

  • People making a difference: Emily Pozo

    Difference Maker People making a difference: Emily Pozo

    Living in the Galápagos, famous for exotic wildlife, this educator turns her attention to the needs of its people.

  • Laid off? Don't pitch your business card.

    The New Economy Laid off? Don't pitch your business card.

  • Mining the ocean floor

    Mining the ocean floor

    It’s not yet a gold rush to the ocean floor, but seabed prospecting is raising concerns.

  • Letters to the Editor

    Readers write about restoring ecosystems and going to the movies in Africa.

  • Saving the Galapagos means rebuilding nature

    Saving the Galapagos means rebuilding nature

    Conservation in Darwin's lab isn't about preservation – it's now an epic experiment in restoration.

  • The Monitor's View Human-created 'wilderness' in the Galápagos

    We must simply try to better manage what's left rather than project a myth of lost purity onto a fallen landscape.