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  • Gatorade ingredient controversy prompts drink maker to change recipe

    Gatorade ingredient: A spokeswoman for the company, Molly Carter, said Friday that the removal of brominated vegetable oil was in the works for the past year after the company began 'hearing rumblings' from consumers about the ingredient.

  • Egg farm investigation leads to 10 arrests

    Federal agents searched an egg farm today that animal rights activists targeted in 2011. No criminal arrests were made, but agents detained 10 employees on immigration-related charges.

  • New FDA rules: safer food, $500 million cost

    New FDA rules are biggest change in food safety in decades. Precautions against contamination range from farm workers washing hands to required safety plans from food manufacturers, under new FDA rules. 

  • Genetically modified salmon not harmful, FDA says

    Genetically modified salmon – despite concerns of environmental groups – is unlikely to harm the environment. The Food and Drug Administration report is the final step before approval of the genetically modified salmon, which grow twice as fast as regular salmon. 

  • Top 5 product recalls in US history

    Product recalls happen nearly every day, but these five had a lasting impact. Can you guess which product recall was the most significant?

  • Trader Joe’s recall: Suspect frozen chicken affects 14 states

    Trader Joe's recall involves a batch of Butter Chicken with Basmanti Rice frozen dinners, which may be contaminated with listeria. Trader Joe's advises customers to throw away the affected product or return it for a full refund. 

  • Fiscal cliff warning sends stocks sliding

    Frustration from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid over the fiscal cliff pushed stocks downward Tuesday. Worries about budget talks have been hanging over the stock market for weeks.

  • FDA shuts down peanut butter factory after salmonella recalls

    The FDA has suspended production at Sunland, Inc. after batches of the manufacturer's peanut butter was linked to a widespread salmonella outbreak and led to an expansive recall of Sunland nut products. The shutdown marks the first time the FDA has used new shutdown powers granted by the Food Safety Modernization Act. 

  • Spinach recall for Fresh Express. Are you affected?

    Spinach recall from Fresh Express involves 9-ounce bags in as many as 18 western US states due to possible contamination with salmonella. Customers affected by the spinach recall should throw the product away and call Fresh Express for a full refund.

  • Legalized marijuana (Amendment 64), same-sex marriage make gains (+video)

    Some 176 ballot measures in 38 states included historic wins for gay marriage and legalized marijuana (Amendment 64 in Colorado), as well as votes in four red states to rein in 'Obamacare.'