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  • Why Justice Department appeal on morning-after pill is ironic

    In 2011, the Health and Human Services secretary overruled the FDA on its determination that there should be no age restrictions on buying morning-after pills. Now Justice is saying that FDA should be setting the rules, not a federal judge. 

  • Judge's authority questioned in morning-after pill decision

    U.S. District Judge Edward Korman's ruling which required the FDA to lift age limits on the Plan-B morning-after pill will be challenged by the Justice Department. On Tuesday, anyone over 15 could begin buying Plan B One-Step without a prescription. 

  • Why nobody is happy with FDA ruling on Plan B (+video)

    The FDA has lowered the age restriction on buying Plan B One-Step, a type of morning-after pill, without a prescription from 17 to 15. Some groups want no limits on access; others want bigger barriers.

  • Morning-after pill okay for ages 15 and up, says FDA

    The FDA announced that Plan B, usually described as a 'morning-after pill' because it can prevent pregnancy if taken shortly after sexual intercourse, will be available to girls and women without a prescription if they can prove they are at least 15 years old.

  • GMO, Organic, and seven other food labels you should know

    A quick, easy guide to nine commonly seen (and misunderstood) food labels, from 'GMO' to 'grass-fed.'

  • Are you 21? New York City looks to raise minimum age to buy cigarettes

    New York City proposed a change to its policies governing cigarette purchases that would ban the sale of a pack of smokes to customers under 21-years-old. Cigarette companies have not yet responded directly to the proposal, scheduled for a hearing May 2. 

  • Obama budget: Is it 'austere'?

    President Barack Obama's 2014 budget includes increases in spending for setting up health exchanges, increasing scrutiny for food safety, and gun violence and Alzheimer's disease research. It includes cuts to Medicare, such as reducing subsidies for wealthier people and diminishing the pay rate for physicians.

  • 'Morning after' pill: why a judge ordered that even preteens can access it

    The judge gave the government 30 days to make the morning-after pill available over the counter, without age restrictions. The order is likely to spark a new round of debate over the drug.

  • McDonald's launches yolk-free Egg McMuffin nationwide

    McDonald's has announced the Egg White Delight, a yolk-free version of the popular Egg McMuffin breakfast sandwich, to hit restaurants nationwide in late April. The Egg White Delight announcement comes as McDonald's tries to distance itself from competitors and reverse its fortunes after a month of slumping sales. 

  • Bumble Bee tuna recall: Loose cans could cause spoilage

    Bumble Bee tuna recall affects 5-ounce cans of tuna that may not have been sealed properly, leaving them vulnerable to spoilage. So far, no illnesses have been reported as a result of the Bumble Bee tuna recall.